Saturday, August 30, 2008

part THREE

so we did finally get to visit Father Miguel which we finally found. and you know what it's a bit ironic, as we could not find him at first, he was actually maybe a few feet from where we were filing the police report with the officer. All this time we were in the wrong area looking for him and there he was so close and we did not know till the end.

I was not leaving that cemetary until we saw him.

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part TWO

so this is what is left of my window. police report was filed and I never got to attend the 80's party with my friend JLO because I was tied up with this for a few hours. BUMMER YES, but I guess it taught me a lesson.

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PURSES in your vehicle. I ALWAYS DO. I HAVE LEARNED my lesson now don't you think.

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early morning start

early this morning I met up with my cousin to attend the Oak Park farmers market. it was a beautiful day and I was happy to spend it with my cousin "A".

We bought some wonderful tasting apricots and let me tell you those golden apples that you see posted were to die for. big and juicy. I would of bought some turnips just because they were amazingly beautiful not because I know what to do with them at all. Im sure my mother would figure something out...maybe next time.

so off we went to eat at a place called Wish Bone which was really nice and the breakfast we had was very delicious especially their carrot juice.

thanks cousin for treating me to a great morning.

so off we went to the cemetary. we had two reasons why:

1st... I was going to take more pictures

2nd.... My cousin was going to go visit a good friend of hers FATHER MIGUEL
and was a bit nervous to go by herself. Father Miguel died a few years back of cancer.

so off we went together happily keeping each other company with a bouquet of flowers we bought at the market that we were going to place on his tomb.

well we were not gone from my vehicle not even 10 minutes when someone busted the driver's side window of my highlander and took my cousin's purse that we had left behind. WHO is going to rob someone at a cemetary? what is wrong with people now a days.

I warned a few ladies that were in the same area that were by themselves and we stayed to clean glass shards from every crevise in my vehicle. BUMMER hugh? I really feel bad that that occured. She had everything in that purse of hers.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

by the way if you are looking for some great books to read and gooogooo gagagag over here are a few that I borrowed from my library today:

For the Love of Old By Mary Randolph Carter

Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell

Decorating Junk Market Style by Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer

and last but not least

junk Style by Melanie Molesworth

the images that are pictured on this post come from these book.

Plus the background from my previous post is t he inside cover of For the Love of Old.

(picture and gold frame - mine)

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so what are you up to this weekend? I will be attending the Oak Park farmers market with a close cousin, maybe have a bit of breakfast and then visit an old cemetary in the area. She needs to go visit a friend that was laid to rest there and I will be taking a few pics. My friend JLO invited me to an 80s party, but I am chickening out. Sounds like it will be fun, but to be honest I don' t have anything 80s to wear even though that was my era......
Plus, I feel guilty being gone all day.

Stay tuned for some farmers market pics and my latest in cemetary angel pictures.

And hopefully my camera's batteries will not give up this weekend.

Peace to you and yours.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

need to explore

explore your inner YOU! I made this card a while ago when I used to dabble in rubber stamping. it's been a while. I swear I miss playing with paper, scissors and glue.

I enjoy my photography, but I would also like to cut, paste and explore the possiblities that come out by using different kinds of media.
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this morning I travelled to my mother's house to go spend some time with her while my boys were at school. we went to do a bit of treasure hunting at a thrift store and found some pretty great stuff. BUT, on my way home, on 79th and somewhere past Harlem there is this cemetary that has always intrigued me and this time I had to stop. here are a few of the beautiful angels that gather there. I swear a cemetary is such a peaceful place.
Look a the wonderful ANGEL in picture number two. it's taller then me and I must be at least 5'4 or 5'5. I would love to have her at my side day and night.

when I visit I also spend time praying because I stop and think how many souls in this cemetary don't have anyone praying for them or even come to visit. so I try to walk around and say a few prayers and tell them I am not there to disrespect.

peace to them.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


FALL is my favorite time of year. is it coming? is this poor little flower telling me it is? I was picking pine cones the other day and filled a glass hurricane with them. I need to start getting them ready either for FALL decor or to use them for my holiday decorating.

Any ideas? spray paint? glitter?
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yards and yards and yards, oh my!

I went out wandering today and came back anxious to take a few pictures. I am taking the plunge.

I called my brother up. he owns a tattoo shop {he is an awesome artist} here in Illinois. Hanging on his shops walls is art of local artists. Paintings, drawings, etc. you get the picture right?

oh brother dear can I hang some of my photography on your walls. he said of course.

So I am on my way tomorrow to meet him and give him two framed photographs of mine to see if they will sell. I need comments. should I keep up with me photography or just move onto something else.

I can't wait to see what happens or what is the response. Will there be any response? I guess we will soon find out.
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Monday, August 25, 2008

the BOYS

trying to take advantage of the last days of summer. today was much cooler then Sunday. the boys enjoyed going to the pool on Sunday and just playing in the water. don't know how many more days of warm weather we will have so we are taking full advantage of it.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008


The St. Charles, IL all nigher flea info is listed below if you are interested. I think I might have to attend and this time I will bring a flashlight.

Saturday September 27, 2008 4 PM to 2 AM
Held at the Kane County Fairgrounds
Admission $3.00 each day -- Free Parking
(Children under 12 free) No Pets Allowed

Kane County Flea Market - (630) 377-2252
P.O. Box 549, St Charles IL. 60174
here is a bit more. the milk glass (in the second pic) below will be going to my mom. I added my little cut outs in each section and it looked so cute, but I bought it with the intention of giving it to my mom not to keep it.

I love this picture. She is a beautiful lady. I just love the way they dressed and to be honest - I love her hair. I need to learn how to do that.

Oh by the way HELLO Tina and Kim thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you both found some great stuff. One day I would love to go check out the flea in Bloomington. Maybe I will run into you ladies there or again back here for next years over night flea. This time I will come more prepard. I will bring my grocery cart and a flashlight.

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a few more of my findings. everything was priced just right. plus, there is still more, but I need to find how to take pictures of the other stuff. sometimes I believe I overthink my pictures to much. BUT that is me ANAL especially about my photography.

Patti if you read this please e-mail me.
stay tuned........
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this little box I missed the first time, but spotted it the second time I went back into the flea. isn't it cute?
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here are a few things that I purchased yesterday. I need to take a few more pics to show you the rest, but I thought I would tempt you a little so that you can come back and see if you want.

it's a bit difficult sometimes to take pictures from my balcony because of so many trees. so once the lighting is just right I will try and take more photos of my purchases.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

the Scoop

okay here we go. I arrived an hour early because I had a feeling the lines would be long if I got there closer to 5:00. On my way to the line, I met these nice ladies that came all the way from PEORIA. {sorry ladies I forgot your names}. I introduced myself and they were really nice to let me take their picture for my blog.

to entertain us early birds, they hired a magician, had a strobe lights going and 2 bubble machines. as we walked in they were nice enough to give us cold bottles of water. I thought that was very nice as I did not stop along the way to buy something to drink and it was quite muggy today. As they let us in people just scattered all over the place. I am sure we all wanted to run in but we had to act as adults right?

I did find some great things. I did not go crazy and I will post my purchases sometime this week. it was a decent size flea. they had plenty of food to choose from and tons of stuff to buy from JUNK to Jewelery to some collectibles. I found some great deals. All in all, it was a good showing. I saw people enjoying themselves. I had a nice time. I attended by myself because my son ditched me to go fishing with his dad, but I still had a good time. I ran into the people that were behind me and we talked about our purchases.

I talked to a few vendors. Everyone was very polite even though some of them had already been there since 4 am unpacking and they still had to be there till 4:00 am Sunday morning.

I would definitely attend again. I finally reached my vehicle at around 8:00 dropped a load off and decided to go back in. I finally left around 9:20ish as my legs were starting to wear out. PLUS, I did not bring a flashlight and some vendors had lighting and some didn't. It was dark out there in some areas. So I recommend that if you ever decide to attend an all night flea bring your flashlight. People did come prepared. When I was leaving, people were still paying to get in.

I ran into the ladies from PEORIA in the parking lot. They were dropping some stuff off and were heading back in again. YOU GO GIRLS. I was worn out and out of money. These girls were troopers. I hope that they did not have to drive all the way home tonight.

Well that is my story and I am keeping to it. The long awaited day came and went.

Please scroll down if you would like to see more pictures. One thing that did go wrong was that my batteries went dead for my camera and I thought I had grabbed a pair that were charged. BIG BUMMER! At least I got to take a few pics.

So if you are interested to see what I bought stay tuned.

nighty night to ya!
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