Thursday, October 30, 2008


wISHInG yOU alL a spOOky hALLow nIGht!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

This past weekend

this weekend was jam packed with things to do. sometimes I stop and wonder why was I was brought back to IL. well this past week and weekend was the obvious answer to my question. family and friends. TWO very important words. when I lived in St. Louis there was always something missing and that was my family. I thank GOD that he has given me the opportunity now to be able to spend time with them.
Sunday my friend JLO and I went off to the Chicago Antique Market on Randolph. there were a few vendors there even though the winds were very strong yesterday (hence WINDY CITY). there was a point that the wind came at us at high speeds. This caused some of the vendors to loose their products off their tables. I felt bad for them, but what troopers they were.

pictured are few of the things I purchased. YES, I am getting ready for Christmas. I found this small box filled with a few Christmas thingies. I did not see that much which kind of surprised me, but I am sure it's going to start popping up here and there.

I saw Albert from THE FOUND and purchased from him a few cards that he made pictured below. I already know who I am sending the elephant card tooo..... I like it though, I might keep it. JK.

do you see the third picture?.... look at the 1920s oh it and my friend JLO bought 3 others and then at the end of the day gave them to me. I really did not want to take them, but she insisted.... THANK you JEN your the best!

the last picture (house/winter scene) I purchased from Albert and I might use it in my holiday cards or paper ornaments.

I love this time of year. I hope my mom makes it back for Thanksgiving. She is with her brothers and sister because of our families loss last week.

I hope that through this post, I got you a bit excited about the upcoming holiday months.

and YES it's VERY COLD OUTSIDE. I swear that earlier there were a few snow flakes falling. NOT LYING.... but thank heavens that it did not stick.

peace to ya!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A simple YOU!

I know I have posted this picture before, but I love it. I just wanted to say thanks to YOU for visiting my blog. I have received two nice e-mails this weekend from REBECCA from the wonderful store in Glen Ellyn called Vintage Living. I wrote about her store a few months ago. I will add her to my favs so that you can check her out. I know she is having some classes now in her store. I will give you more info in the next few days.

I also received a nice e-mail from RENEE from St. Louis, MO. She told me about all these wonderful places/shops that she has been to in MO that I never had a chance to visit while I lived there. She plans on visiting IL sometime in the upcoming months. She is originally from IL so she knows a lot of the places that I have talked about in my past posts.

Of course to all who visit I appreciate you coming by......

To the great ladies that I have met through my blog - Patti and Beth..... and to my close friends that I love dearly!

and to YOU..... I wish you a peaceful week filled with love and laughter..........
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

have you hugged your loved ones today..... life is so short and sweet. please take it from me. say goodbye, give them a kiss, a simple smile. I say this because our family is in mourning today.

so please before they leave that door either off to school or work please let them know that you care.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

is she not beautiful....I found her yesterday waiting for me at my local antique store. she is from the 1930s and is a half doll with a lamp base. this is my best find ever.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dreaming of.......

Guess what I am dreaming about today??????? Yes I know that Halloween is right around the corner not to mention turkey day, but my mind is seriously wandering off to Christmas.

I am not looking forward to the cold winters here in Chicago. St. Louis was not bad at all during winter time. NEVER had to wear a big heavy coat.... well before my mind starts to wandering again onto another subject this post was just to say that I am dreaming about Christmas. I need to start creating my holiday cards. I did run to Borders the other day and they have some artsy Christmas cards already displayed. I found a bunch that I would love to buy and send off, but I really should at least create a few of my own.

This Sat and Sunday is the last Chicago Antique Market weekend for this year. I do plan on going. I am dragging along my older son with me. I have an extra pass if someone here in Chicago can use it. It's good for Sat and Sun. My BFF friend Jen can't make it so it's up for grabs. Let me know asap if you can use it so I can mail to you.

Okay this will probably be the last post on Christmas for now. You know what I will be looking for on Saturday.
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Saturday, October 18, 2008


these pictures are dedicated to a friend of mine in MO.... Michel I know how much you love nature probably as much as I do. I dedicate these pictures to you.
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the boys

spending some quality time hanging off of trees.

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fall is in the air 100%. today after a few soccer practices my hubby took us to St. Charles, IL. I was able to take a few more pictures to remind me of how much I enjoy this time of year. a good walk along with some fresh air is good for the soul. plus my boys needed to burn off some energy. they enjoy going to the forest preseves. why? well let's see they love skipping rocks in the water, running around, hidding in the trees and looking for bugs/rocks. they especially love hanging off of trees.

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more pictures of my walk at HERRICK lake. it was a bit chilly yesterday maybe more like the wind was crisp. don't know if that explains it better to you. I hope you enjoy these and maybe if you close your eyes you can imagine you were there with me as well.
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fall is in the air 100%

yesterday on my way home, I stopped at my favorite lake on the way to my apt. a few weeks later from my last visit and yes the leaves have started turning amazing colors and as you can see there are plenty on the park's ground to collect. pinecones are all over as well. these make simple decorations either on your christmas tree or in a large glass container. if you like the bling you can add a sparkle to the cones by adding glitter.

I just love stepping on dried leaves and walking through a big pile of them. when no one is watching I do it as much as I can.

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