Saturday, July 31, 2010

she gets me!

she gets me and always has... I had a wonderful visit from a wonderful lady named CINDY.

A good friend I made in MO. She e-mailed me during the week to let me know that she was coming down to see me. I had been on her mind a lot lately and wanted to visit.

I swear she gets me. My craziness, my life. I don't know how to explain it but there has always been a very strong connection. The bond has always been there even if we live miles away from each other or don't talk for months we always pick up right where we left off. No uncomfortable silences between us.

She told me that I taught her how to bring down the walls and she has learned how to trust people again. WOW what a statement. How did I teach her that when lately I have been wanting to withdraw myself slowly from the outside world.

She stated that she can sense that many changes have taken place... not sure if I changed for the good or bad, not sure if she sensed that my anxiety has gotten stronger or that my health issues are getting worse since she last saw me two years ago. She didn't say, but maybe it was better that she didn't. I told her not to worry. I could sense that she will.

I think we are kindred spirits... No I didn't tell her that.... I should have... she knows I love her and we will always be great friends. A bond that can't be broken.

Our visit just came to an end, I walked her and her husband to their car. She ran again to give me a hug, I told her not to as I am not good with good byes. As she left waving and blowing kisses, I was happy and I know that she is one of the few that really get me... and for that I am blessed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my vintage body form, by far, has been something that I still ooh and aaah over every time I see it.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

bits and pieces of my decorated pad

here are three pics of areas at my pad

love using the old vintage pics to decorate especially if they are from the 20s

love, love, love the 20s

some more finds at the thrift

admirable work found at the thrift...

I taught myself how to cross stitch a while ago, but honestly have not picked this up in a long time.

This is some of the great stuff I found at the thrift.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I like the chicken.

so late yesterday after a long long day of dealing with doctors and my health I finally was in the mood to take pics of my last find at my diamond in the rough thrift store on the south side.

I did find a few great things, plates from pottery barn still in the box, more cross stitched linen, a beautiful flower pillow (that I still need to wash but will show you soon) and last but not least this wonderful milk glass chicken. This was the last thing I found when I was already on my way out. Don't know if I had missed it or that they had just brought this out, but out of the corner of my eye I saw it and my mom was so nice to buy it for me.

NO CHIPS in very good condition only a bit of the paint missing from it's little legs. My first white/milk glass chicken. No I am not into chickens but this one is beautiful. Even my mom loved it and I heard her tell my father she is so good at looking for these great finds. My mom is awesome to and I believe I have taught her what to look for. I could tell that she got in the frenzy when we were there but my dad really wanted to go and so did my youngest son.

We left as I did not want to prolong their torture, even though my dad loves the thrill of the find, as well, as he use to take us to the flea all the time when we were younger and he still goes on Saturdays. So with this I leave you. My boys wants french toast this morning so I gotta run and do that. see ya soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

fun stuff from the THRIFT and other stuff

so I really wanted to go to the Bloomington Flea Market today, but I chickened out since I really did not have anyone to go with me.
(i shoulda gone, I shoulda gone, I shoulda gone) maybe next month.

so I decided to stay close to home and just wash and relax and take a few pics of some of my favorite recent finds. I got these bangles at the mall last week. I am not really a mall person but since I was so close I decided to take a quick walk and found these wonderful flowered bangles. I have been on a flower kick lately.

A week and a 1/2 ago when I went to visit my mother we decided to run to her local thrift store on 60 something and Kedzie... I LOVE THAT PLACE. I have been going there since I discovered it oh many years ago. Always find the best stuff there. I found this wonderful white plate with gold rim shown here. I will use it to hold my favorite jewelery pieces.

I also found some wonderful kitchen towels and two beautiful new pillow cases by Laura Ashley. I think I pd around 80 cents for the plate, and barely nothing for the kitchen towels and pillow cases. I also found a Laura Ashely quilted flowerly tote bag, actually I found two and my mom was so funny - one for you and one for me..... of course I had to give her one of them at $1.80 they were a steal.... brought everything home and washed everybit of it and it all looked just like new. I love that store and maybe on Tuesday since I am off I will try to go visit.
Hopefully I will have good luck there again this week.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

here is something I made a long time ago.... my art has been on the back burner for a long time... all my art supplies packed up in boxes just waiting for me to finally one day decide it's about that time.

I know I have become a very boring person. honestly work kind of takes over my life and when I get home all I want to do is really well nothing.....

I hope one day my passion for creating decides to come back again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

so I told you that my hair was really long and a bit on the wild side, carefree.

This is honestly how I like wearing my hair, but I finally chopped it off at my father's request. A bit to long and unruly just like I like to be. So I cut it off just to be on the RIGHT side I guess. (I believe the rebellious side of me is not something my parents accept)

Honestly, I loved my long locks because I use it as my protection - to hide my face so that the vulnerable side doesn't show.

so now as you can see my hair is pretty much tamed. MY mom is a wonderful hairdresser and the only person I trust with my hair. She did a fantastic job.

if they only knew that my hair grows like a weed and in no time it will be back to it's unruly self just like me.

Last month - Sandwich Antique Market

last month my cousin, niece, Gary and I attended the Sandwich antique market. We were actually headed to the Bloomington flea, but did a detour since Gary lives close to Sandwich, IL.

We had a great time with a few beers at the end and a nice lunch.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I took this photo last week and it just amazes me. the beauty of this flower and then just all the little levels/layers the inner part of this flower has.

all I have to say is WOW!

another weekend is upon us. I have to admit that I was so ready for the weekend to start. not sure what I am up to, but of course where ever I go my camera will come with.

so enjoy your weekend and see ya soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

this lovely is from my parent's yard.

had a nice day off today spent it all day with my mother.

finally cut some of my hair off as it was very long and needed a little taming.... boring as I like wearing my hair kind of wild, but I guess it was time.

so off to work tomorrow thank the LORD that it will be a three day week.. sweet.

Monday, July 5, 2010

pics of my favorite stuff - purchased last month at Kane

I love the flea especially the Kane County flea.... I can be there all day, yes lots of people but as long as it's in the open air I am fine. Here are a few of my purchases that I did last month.

I bet you didn't know that my favorite color is GREEN.
So that is why I bought this green sign and I used to work in Oak lawn, IL for quite a while back in the day so that brings memories.

the flower pin I bought at the Country Living fair a few years back and has honestly always been my favorite pin so I will be wearing it again soon as I love wearing it in the fall.

I loved the image of the horse so that is why I bought the red one...

I am really wanting to go to the Country Living fair in September this year in OHIO...... I am going to see if I can make that possible. Hopefully it will long as I think positive thoughts right.... VISUALIZE MYSELF THERE..... I will start doing that...

How I celebrated the 4th..... My family....

so it was a success.... anxiety under control when I am with my family enjoying a peaceful day like today.

my eldest playing with smoke bombs and sparklers.

my brother's girlfriend and my nephew Derrick

my father in the gray and my sister in law's father in blue.

of course some good ole sweet corn.

my two brothers, Marco, Raul, sister in law Nancy and her father.

Again my middle brother and his wifey.

the three boys my youngest in black.

my mommie dearest.

my favorite beer nice and cold with some salt and lime.

meat, meat and more meat. as you can tell there are a lot of boys in the family.

coco the poochie, my brothers daughter... he loves that dog more then himself.