Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Julietta could not make it to your house to sing ya Felice Cumpleanos.....
She is sending her apologies.
I hope you are having a great birthday... Now get back to work.... JK
(yes I know you are off)
Peace to ya my friend

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010


Dedicated to my friend REY!

You all know that I love music and one of my favorite of all times is none other then


so take a listen if you would like, I added more of his songs to my playlist.

I was first introduced to him many many years ago....

when someone told me that his song
EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY reminded him of me.....

so REY, my friend, to many more days at work listening to his wonderful music...


I have a true story for you.... Something that has me a bit emotional and almost to tears yesterday when I was on my way to the doctor..... (oh I have been home sick for the last 4 days with a major sinus infection).

Here goes:

I am a visual person, there are some things in life that catch my eye, but nothing like this man. He has caught my eye and my attention and I really don't know why....

I was on my way to work one morning when I noticed this tall homeless man wearing a long black trench coat taking a walk talking to himself. My heart brakes when I see people in that situation. I always want to stop to try and help, but at the same time don't want to offend and I really don't know if they would even want my help anyways.

When I see people in this kind of situation it makes me think gosh Angie YOU ARE SO FREAKIN LUCKY... YOU have no worries.

I of course kept on my way to work that morning.... A few days later I saw him again this time it was cold and pouring rain and I saw a talk dark trench coat standing there as I got closer it was him again.

GOSH I thought what can I do.... All I did was kept driving and prayed for GOD to help him.

A few weeks later on one of my days off heading a totally different way not my same usual work route who do I see walking in the opposite direction, yes the same man. Now this is not close to my usual route. Again very thought provoking and honestly it makes me want to cry and ask why do I see this man all the time... Does anyone else out there see him. Why do I run into him and why does he catch my eye. Do I need to pray for him.... what do I need to do for him. What is GOD trying to tell me.... Why are our paths crossing at different times and in different places.

It has been a while since I had seen him, I would say at least a month. On my way yesterday to the doc, because I can't handle this virus I caught, I gave myself enough time to get there on time. In order to get to my doc's office I have to cross the train tracks and guess what was there yes TRAIN STOPPED COPS directing traffic... What do I do. Should I cancel. I can't cancel I feel like crap. I have to get there. So I turn and start driving to the right past downtown Main Street Wheaton, keep on going Angie... Well this train was blocking all the openings. Tons of cars trying to get south of the tracks.

I decided to call the doc tell them I was going to be late.
Turned my car around started going back the way I came from. I thought let me go to Glen Ellyn (next town over) and let me try to see if the train is stopped all the way there...
Here I go anxious and upset feeling horrible because I was feeling horrible and also I HATE TO BE LATE.... ONE OF MY PET PEEVES...... As I am getting closer to the first opening, I can see that the train is not blocking that opening YES, well wait a minute.... Angie, look at all that traffic.
Nothing I can do now, but wait... already called the doc to let them know I was going to be late.
So I took a deep breath and just waited till my turn came up to cross the train tracks.

So finally as I was crossing the tracks and now on the other side, cops were slowing everyone down, oh there that's another stop sign.... wait who is it that I see.... no, it can't be.... yes it was him - the same man.... tall, slender, black trench coat, winter hat, long beard...... it's him. I swear I wanted to cry like a baby, I actually did....

Who is this man and why do our paths cross. Did GOD plan this. Did he make me sick so I can be home and then have to go to the doc. Did GOD make the train disabled so that when I was on my way to the doctor instead of me getting to the doc on time going down the same route, did he plan this so that my route would be changed and our paths would cross at the same intersection. If the train would not have been disabled, I would have been on time and never would have taken the whole re route.

I talked to my cousin and asked her what do I need to do. Her answer was - Angie maybe he is put in your path so that you can see that your problems are not as bad as others.

I honestly don't understand and every time I think of what happened yesterday it makes me upset. Why is the UNIVERSE crossing our paths. Why is he in my life even though I am sure he never sees me, I CLEARLY SEE HIM. Is it my guardian Angel.... IS IT GOD? Is it life showing me that all the doubts I have are nothing compared to what he is going through. I prayed last night to have GOD show me what I need to do. I honestly have been away from my RELIGION for a long time. I believe in GOD and used to be very religious all my life. I have strayed from GOD. My husband does not believe and it was hard to find a good Catholic church in MO that I felt comfortable in. It's hard going to church alone when you see other families together.... and here you are married and even that you don't have in common...

So this is not just a story it's a true story that I wanted to share with you. Don't know what this means and hopefully GOD will show me soon what it is I have to do....

I finally got to the doc, Thank GOD that I had a very caring nurse, as I sat there with my blood pressure way up I started to cry... I apologized for being late... she thought I was crying because I was late... no I was crying because of him.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

I know this is not a pic of my spine, this is a picture of an old body form I purchased a few years back. Since it kind of reminds me of my spine I thought I would use it.

Got the news, not bad, but not great either.

degenerative spine

bulging disc

and some of my bones at a certain level have lost the cushion in between each other

oh and by the way you also have bone spurs that pinch your nerves and that is why the pain radiates down your arm or up your neck

okay so what does this mean.... well pain for the rest of my life, meds and more meds (keep them comin) physical therapy to relieve the pain and surgery as the last recourse.

I will take this news any day. I was actually thinking tumor and thank GOD that this is not what I heard today... so for the above news THANK you LORD. I am not happy that I will be in pain always, but I am happy that I will still be around for my boys. They might have to push me around in a wheel chair one day, but at least I will still be around to see them grow up.

Beth, pls let me know what you do for your pain.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

blessed - yes we are!

I have been out of the loop for a while just focusing on my personal issues.

I finally heard the news of what the poor people in Haiti are going through... news takes a bit to get to me because I honestly don't stay up to watch the news.

Yes, I like to enclose myself in a bubble. I honestly would say that this is how I handle things. LOVE myself a good ole plastic bubble where I can hide myself and come out when I believe it's safe.

So I was reading about all the mishap that they are going through in Haiti and it makes my problems so so small. Pain in my neck? What pain? Compared to the poor children going through this devastation their pain is much bigger then my stupid pain. I wish my boys knew how lucky they are. I am so thankful that they have never gone through hunger or seen any kind of devastation like what the children are seeing in Haiti.

I wish I knew why things happen the way they do. I wish I could fly to them and help. It's so sad to me honestly. I can't comprehend why this happens to some of us in other parts of this world. As I sit here time and time again when you read on my blog and I say I am truly blessed..... I ain't kidding.....

Look around..... pls look around and take a minute to thank GOD for all the blessings we receive everyday. BIG or small they are still blessings.

Friday, January 15, 2010

hello...... it's been a while

Patti, here I am.... I would tell ya what I have been up to but it's just boring...

I never speak of health issues as I try to avoid the doctor as much as possible, but they finally found something wrong in my spine towards the neck/shoulders. After 4 years of constant pain and a bunch of meds I decided I couldn't take it anymore and the x-ray came back with problems at c5-c6....

what does this mean, not sure..... getting ready for an MRI tonight at my local hospital.

been seeing a physical therapist but all they can help me with is on how to control the pain.

to top it off on my way to breakfast with my son this morning I get rear ended..... I wasn't to worried about my truck I was worried about my son and my main problem my neck...

just wanted you to know that I am around maybe have not been in a very great mood. Just worrying about what they are going to find in the MRI.

Pls keep me in your prayers....


Sunday, January 3, 2010

1. Vintage Polka Dot ribbon found at the flea
2. 1920s pic found at the antique market

Don't you love the hats?

Honestly, I love the 20s so much I swear I was reincarnated from that time.

I am thinking maybe it's time for a haircut, maybe a
20s bob.... we will see.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

is it time? time to start packing up all the Christmas decor...

packing it safely so that it can hold up another year of waiting.

another year of waiting until 12/2010.

I honestly can't do it yet. I don't want to put my happy stuff away.

maybe one more week, maybe one more week.

Friday, January 1, 2010

so here we are 2010.

I have no words at this moment.

I hope this year is wonderful for all.

New adventures, new beginnings.

Where one door closes, another opens.

2010.........what will you bring?