Tuesday, August 30, 2011

meet my oldest and his new pet.....what fun hugh?

Howlin' for You - Black Keys

Saturday, August 27, 2011

gosh its been a few days since my last post... really have not had it in me to blog...

lots a changes coming my way... possibly at work and just sometimes stuff gets in the way.

my two boys have started school and I can't believe that my oldest is an 8th grader now. Wow I remember those days...

you know when people tell ya that they grow so fast and you should enjoy your children when they are small - it's true.

kind of funny, today when I was at Target doing my usual weekly shopping for misc things, I heard a baby crying, the baby sounded like a new born... I swear I can hear a baby cry a mile away and part of me wants to run and hold it... and then I remember Angie it's not your baby... your babies are 14 and 10.... wow 14 and 10.. I guess it must be that motherly instinct still inside me... part of me wishes I could have one more but in reality I am to old now... to many complications after the age of 40 they say.

I still enjoy my boys, my 10 year old is still like he is 3 or 4 to me in my mind and when I size him up with someone that age I can see how much bigger he is and he is not my little baby any more. My 14 year old well he has past me up already... way taller then me now.

funny how time flies hugh?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

so I am up way early supposed to be getting ready for a soccer tournament in Rockford and also in Elgin all day today and tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
and then off to my cousins 40th b-day party in the city... mingling with a few old friends and cousins... hope it's fun and I am not too pooped out after all the running around I will do today.
okay ya'll hope you all enjoy a nice weekend in whatever you are doing. gotta run it's 6:00 a.m. on the dot and I have not jumped into the shower yet... gotta leave at 7... ciao

Sunday, August 7, 2011

so here are a few more things I was lucky enough to pick up.
the pillow on my chair was just the pillow case I purchased. Of course all is brought home and washed in hot water with soap.
also the pink plate that you really can't see with the melon on it. I think I got that for 1.20.
the strawberry picture was just thrown in cause the picture came out so good... don't they look yummy.
okay gotta run my parents came by to see me.... and yes all this fruit was waiting just for them.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

bonjour -
so this morning since I am boringly doing chores, while waiting for the washing machine to finish I like to set up props and practice my photography.
everything in this pic was bought at my favorite thrift I had wrote about before.
large white platter I think was around 1.20, the beautiful flowered bowl don't remember less then 3 or 4 and all the vintage linen I think was around 4.00 as well.....
I also love going cause I can always convince my mother to go with me and I get to spend time with her.
sooooo okay gotta run will be back soon to post more pics, my son just came home with his first snake.. a normal ball python ( whatever that really means) I am afraid to ask what a non normal ball python is. I gave in, it was his 14th birthday on the 4th... so running upstairs to make sure it's in it's cage and not roaming around the house..