Sunday, April 26, 2009

St Charles, MO (pictured below)

there is lots coming in the next few months and thought you should know.

Maeystown, IL has this wonderful antique/garden show coming Sunday, May 3rd. It is such a wonderful show. Maeystown is a historic 19th century German Village by the scenic Mississipi river bluffs. If you can go it's a must. I think I might be going if I can possibly make it. Took the Monday (4th) off to try to attend. It's just a beautiful little village. I can post a few pics in the next couple days of last years show.... LOVED IT!

Eddie Ross (link on the side) is coming to the Kane County flea in IL on June 6th I believe. Eddie worked closely with Martha Stewart some time ago and has his own blog. His decorating is divine. Check out his blog to the left and plan to attend if you can. At this point I might be signing up to see him when he comes in June. HINT TO THE HUBBY this could be my mother's day present honey.... HINT HINT HINT.....

The antique/flea market in Sandwich, IL was today....could not make it as I had to spend some time with my parents as they will be away for two months vacationing at their home in Mexico.. gosh it is so beautiful there.... like living in a town that time forgot with tons of wonderful flowers in the gardens and fruit trees all over their grounds... I plan on going very soon as soon as my vacation kicks in. If not this year definitely next year for sure. I'm scared though that once there I won't want to come back as it's probably the most peaceful place to visit.

I know for sure that there are tons of other shows coming soon. They start kicking in in May...

so stay tuned I will try to post other shows with dates coming soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

here are pics of this cute little house turned store. sorry maybe not the best pics, but all very reasonably priced.

Friday, April 24, 2009

a bit of shopping while away

when in St. Louis you must visit old St. Charles. Tons on great little stores. I was saddened to find out that my all time favorite store BLOSSOMs was no longer... I wish I would have found out what happened. I loved that store... oh well... I did get to do a bit of shopping with my friend Mary. I just love spending time with her. Here are some of the goods that I brought home and the beautiful soap was a gift. Thanks MARY

wonderful food with a wonderful friend

this is one of the most nicest people you will ever meet....Mary took me under her wings long ago when I moved to MO and started working with SF. We have been friends ever since. She took me in for the weekend when I went to St. Louis and had her carrot cake waiting for me. She is the best! Martha watch out...I took her out to eat to miss Aimee Bs in old St Charles, MO. It's a wonderful old victorian house turned into a restaurant.... love their food. back to the start!

hi wow it's been a long two weeks and I have missed you all. I believe my dog Tobie was more depressed with my absence then my kids...

so what is going on??? I feel like i have been gone forever and I ain't kidding.

I am an official SF Claims Processor starting today... see my LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR SF shirt I have on... for $2.50 a piece I had to buy me a couple...

wow I have lots to share.... last weekend since I was only 3 hours away from MO I took the plunge, rented a car and zoomed all the way to St. Louie. I swear it's already summer there (kind of like today in Chicago) what is up with the weather... HOT outside??!!!! I am truly happy to be back and I seriously missed the daily routine of my life, missed my boys, hubby and my family.... Tobie is sitting right next to my feet. My hubby said that for a couple of days he sat at the door waiting for me... awwwww how sweet.

so I have tons of pics to share and did you hear that EDDIE ROSS is coming to Kane County in June.... yes I must meet him. DECORATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE....

Okay y'all I have so much to catch up on at home, but come back tomorrow I promise to have some photos for you to see.

peace to you and happy to be happily home again.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy EASTER to YOU and your FAMILY

I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. This is a very special day and whats better than spending time with the ones you care.

I am off in a few hours. Very nervous as I have never left my family for two weeks. My husband is the one that travels because of work never really had I. (maybe just a one day trip)

So I will see you all two Fridays from now lets see what does that fall on April 24th.

I wish you all well and may there be a bountiful of love and peace in your life today and always.

just ME

Thursday, April 9, 2009

this is my youngest and last weekend at the flea he was my accomplise. he's mommas little pookey.

yes he got tired last week attending the flea with me. he is so funny. his way of telling me that it's time to go goes something like this "mom my legs don't work anymore" and he actually starts dragging one of this feet....but as soon as we get home he never complains of any pains. I always tell him your tooo young boy for pains wait till your 40...

so on my way home last weekend, I found two wonderful plant nurseries. one was in Geneva, Il which I will definitely go back too because it was the greatest little place & Geneva kind of reminds me of St. Charles, Mo so I really need to go back and another was closer to home.

I really can't wait for this weather to get better. I hope it does not start getting nice till I get back.

I am off to Bloomington this weekend and won't be back home till April 25th.... what will I do with myself. Don't know... I will try to say goodbye to you all on Sat.

Peace to ya!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more shtuff

it's Tuesday......

first of all I want to thank my friend Patti for the wonderful bracelet and earrings she sent. I will wear them Friday, Patti that is the special day......

thanks so much for your kindness. I truly appreciate it.

I bought this at the flea as well.... I just love the detail and truly admire the person that made it. I used to cross stitch way before my second son came, maybe it's time to pick it up again. I taught myself. They say when you cross stitch that your front needs to be as nice looking as the back. Well my front was decent, but my back was not so neat. That's okay who looks at the back right??? I then took a class in downtown St. Charles, Mo where they taught me the right way to cross stitch.

My mother knows how to do this needlework on the left she sews, cooks great, bakes, what does that woman not do...??? Well, I grew up with all boys and yes I was very tomboyish..... oh well. I hope you are enjoying your evening and I will try to post more soon.

I have a few card I have to write up and mail out before I leave.

Monday, April 6, 2009

my loot

this is the little stuff I purchased this weekend. Did not spend much because really don't need anything else.

I bought these post cards for a friend in MO.... Michel these are for you. I just love the scenic pics and they look big here, but they are small.

I bought a few strips of this flowered cloth. I forget what they call it. Kind of think and has the feel of thick linen.
Love it, I plan on making a pillow or having my mom make me a purse. I can sew by hand, but don't think I can make a purse.

old pictures of course and these little scrap cards down below with bible versus, but what I really like most of all were the illustrations on the cards. Little sheep, birds, country scenes, berries.... tooo cute.

I also got a few old books and a raggedy ole pin which I will post soon.

I hope you have enjoyed these pics and have a wonderful week. I am off to Bloomington, Il on Easter sunday so I will try to post more before I go.


flea market attractions

hello, sorry I did not take that many great pics on Sat for you. I was enjoying the weather tooo much and there were so many people there that you had to watch where you were going half the time. I had a good time.
One of the biggest attractions was this beautiful ginormous dog. I swear his face was bigger then my sons. We got to pet him but my son would not take a picture near him. maybe a little scared of his size I suppose.
look at that beautiful brown wood cabinet... and the lady was on a mission hugh....
well I wish I had better pics for you, but I will post next the stuff I bought. they did have some wonderful furniture pieces there, but you everything I buy has to be small now. no furniture needed in my small home.