Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knock Me Down by Red Hot Chili Peppers

awesome song to celebrate the new haircut while dancing in my angie room while washing....... ha! great stress reliever not so good for the neck though.... oh well gotta live a little.

I was bored....... my mother was there...... not to far from her hair cutting chair and her scissors....
I said lets see the short hair magazine I got you last time... she said okay here it is...
she said let's do it and I said why not..
no one to impress but myself..
so here it is the new hair do...
maybe I will go shorter in two weeks.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

so it's the weekend I just got up and I feel like a bus hit me... man did I have a bad night or do still need to sleep more. It was a long day yesterday worked till 7 and then did not get home till almost 9:30 at which time I sat on the couch and knocked out.

and I still fell a little bit like c---. so what have you been up to. I finally went to see a counselor the other day. looks like I am going to like her. very calming voice in a small room with a big comfy sofa with her little water fall runnin in the background. we will see.

I have tons to do today, wish it would be a slow day today, but it aint going to be... so maybe a nice long hot shower will do the trick to wake me up so that I can get going.

so I see a few people visit my blog from CHICAGO, I am curious - who are you? leave me a comment believe me I don't bite. it would be nice to know who you are.... hey maybe we can become friends I am always looking for some good friends.

okay I have bored you enough. peace to you today. may your day be grand... see ya soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so here you have them, the new additions to my orchid family....

hopefully I will be able to keep them alive. I don't see why I wouldn't since the other are doing so well.

wish me luck

Sunday, February 20, 2011

so here are a few
of my favorite things at my place.
love the brown darker colors and green my all time favorite color.... need to wear that necklace soon. Thanks to Good Will got that nice green necklace for $1.99 in great condition I might add.
wait till you see my two new additions to my orchid family.
actually I am replanting one today remember the one that was dying well I need to replant it maybe it might thrive better... so I am out and running to Home Depot to get the stuff I need.... hopefully that will help it.... thanks to you tube I learned how to replant it there.
stay tuned...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silent Spring Massive Attack feat Elizabeth Fraser

what can I say I wake up with music I go to sleep with music......... Massive Attack featuring one of my all time favs Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins..... reminds me of my black days listening to this music while dancing the night away in the north side of Chicago, with my crazy black eye makeup and my funky black dressings.....

those were the days....

Dirtie Blonde - Walk Over me (with lyrics)

so I know I have stated that I love music... this band is someone I discovered back when I lived in MO....... she has a pretty awesome voice... don't think they are together any longer.... I think I read that somewhere... anyways listen in if you would like. love the words.

wishing you a wonderful day... looks like the sun might come out for me today. it was out yesterday but I was at work so I was not able to enjoy it's beauty. that's okay cause I have this weekend to do just that.

oh and by the way if you listen in the little bit to tired part definitely ME.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


so today.......
I had a nice lunch today with a friend from work.... we discussed
topic: following our dreams
he has decided to leave the company to do something greater with his life.
I honestly am happy for him he is at a good age where he has no commitments and he can do as he pleases... follow your dreams man this is the best time to do it. he has no fear and I am sure he will do well.... he is very talented, loves music and hopefully down the line he will do something grand with his dreams.
we discussed my blog, he gave me his advise trying to push me to follow my dreams... I promised him that hopefully one day, and one day soon, I will try to do something wonderful with my photography... another topic that came up was my blog. Sometimes I wonder if what I write about is something that I should be sharing.... I mean my anxiety issues, my health issues, my feelings that sometimes come out when I am posting and regret the next day..... BUT HONESTLY that is who I am... I am not always on the up and up... people that have anxiety or deal with DEPRESSION would understand... honestly this is not something I woke up one day wanting in my life... it's either something I have had to deal with for a very long time or it started a few years back. Am I embarrassed about it NOT ANY MORE....... I have learned to accept it. what else can I do... it makes me who I am... it's a part of me that for some reason was put in my path for whatever reason... I have promised myself to no longer regret when I post what I feel. I am so tired of hiding who I am and making believe that everything is GREAT everyday cause in my head and in my life not every day is the same..... don't get me wrong DEPRESSION SUCKS ANXIETY SUCKS but that's life right............. we all have our FREAKIN issues......
so starting today anything I post here comes from the heart, will NEVER EVER BE REGRETTED again.........
Thanks Hunter for the great pep talk....... since I am way older then you...... I should be giving you the pep talk and I think I did..... here's to you and your dreams.......

Monday, February 7, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Love Is a Losing Game (live)

so since valentines is right around the corner..... sometimes in my book LOVE is a losing game..... sing it AMY!
so where have I been..... well in hiding I guess... it's been a while since I last posted, the worst snow storm since 196o something came and went, more snow has come and gone and just lots of stuff happening.

if I shared it all it would probably be boring to you.
you know how sometimes life and it's issues get in the way.

I saw my mother yesterday and hung out with her and my family to have a nice dinner. I have always bragged about my mother being a great cook, she truly is. Always has plenty of food to feed the world. I am going to be honest here, my mother and I never really got along when I was growing up. She was very tough on me, being the eldest and the only female other then herself in a household full of boys.

its funny how sometimes even now we sometimes clash. well when we do it isn't that funny at all. I then again try to stay away as much as possible before she calls looking for me to see why I have not called. IN MY MIND, I want to say because sometimes as nice of a person that you are YOU HURT MY FEELINGS and PLS REMEMBER MOM THAT I AM NOW AN ADULT and ITS TIME THAT YOU REALIZE THAT - but of course, I turn the other way and try to thank GOD that I still have a mother. some of us in this world don't have a mother by their side any longer.

why am I telling you all this.... maybe it's a form of therapy. I love my mother to death but she has no clue who I really am and how I feel sometimes. I believe in her mind she believes everything in my life is perfect. who knows...... if she only knew.....

so I think I have crossed the line a bit, the skeletons in my closet have snuck out a little.

that is all for today.