Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break - mini vacation

it all started off with a good healthy meal and yes some ice cold tea.... off we went to Northbrook where we stayed so I could attend the Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanical Gardens and the boys could swim at the hotel's pool before we were off to

Wisconsin Dells.

The Orchid show was amazingly beautiful... no I did not buy anymore plants, well actually the one I did want this lady ended up buying first before I could get my hands on it... oh well... I did learn that there are 50 types of orchid species out there and they grow all over the place even in forest preserves..... yes she gave me an idea maybe I should start going to forest preserves and start looking for these plants....

some of these flowers were so eccentric, the colors.. some orchids actually smell sweet.... as you can see by the pics some of them won prize ribbons.

also pictured is my youngest having fun at the hotel's pool before our trip the next day to the Chula Vista resort..... okay more pics to come so stay tuned.... oh heck yes I am tired and glad to be back at home... I will post more soon....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ELizabeth FRASER - "At Last I Am Free"

AT LAST I AM FREE!!!!!!!!! not chained to a desk anymore... free to be a free spirit like I am supposed to be.....

Friday, March 25, 2011

ta ta for now......

so thank GOD I made it through another week and now I am packing to get away with my boys to Wisconsin...
I won't be gone that long just a few days.. my boys spring break... and mine to since I have not had a vacation since last year at around this time.
oh and by the way cut the hair again
YES even
shorter then before like a 1920s bob...
see you all soon!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

so check out this orchid, yes very eccentric I know.
my father picked this one for me. I love my father to death. recently we had a misunderstanding where I took something he said wrong. I got very upset. He actually ended up getting sick from this incident that he even had to go to the doctor. I fretted for a week knowing I had to call him and make things right. I even dreamt of him one night.
we have always been very close... we are so much alike in many ways free spirited people.
I am so happy that we put the issue behind us. I know he bought me this plant I guess in a way to say he was sorry.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy SPRING yall

so to celebrate the beginning of SPRING, I wanted to share the new additions to my orchid family.

the red orchid is so small, the flowers are probably as small as a dime and the yellow orchid flowers are probably as big as a quarter.

my mother & father came to visit me today and yes I dragged them to the nursery again. they surprised me by giving me four orchid plants for my soon to be birthday in April. my mother stated she would rather give me plants since I am so in love with them and they picked out four for me. I did not want to accept them but they insisted.

I am so happy I swear I keep drooling when I walk by my window and see all the beautys displayed.

thank you mommie y papi, que dios los guarde y les de mas.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orchid Nursery Hauserman in Illinois

what a beautiful day today.... if you live in Chicago you would of enjoyed a wonderful sunny day and not that cold either.
so YES I went to the Orchid Nursery and no words can explain how exciting that was. Orchid after orchid after orchid.
Hundreds to choose from.
I ended up buying two plants from all the wonders that were there. Plus, they gave me a small little plant free. How cool was that. They are already planted and in the window waiting for pics that will be taken tomorrow so that I can show you.
I told the nice man that waited on me that I would be back and my mother will have to come too. She will love it as much as I did.
Enjoy the pics.


so spring is one day away and my orchids are ready to give me new blooms.
as you can see here in these pics they are doing so well. who would of thought that I would be a pro at growing these lovelies.
I found out from a co-worker that there is a orchid nursery called Hauserman off of Addison close to Elmhurst around 10 minutes from where I work that grow orchids and it's open to the public. what? all this time I drive through that area and no one had told me that...
honestly I don't have room for another plant as of now I have 7 plants in front of my window but somehow if I find the perfect one today I will make it work.
so happy spring to you.... and the little wooden guy I found them at an antique store a few months ago they are small wooden little guys that were at the tip of a toothpick and I instered them into the dirt of my orchids just for fun.
peace out!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cocteau Twins - Crushed

crushed - cocteau twins

arent we all at one time or another!

Friday, March 11, 2011

so here is one of my beautiful orchid flowers from a plant I got a year ago.....

lovely I tell ya.

so where have I been? well lost of course.

no actually just learning something new at work that has fried my brains and has kept me not wanting to be on a computer when I get home.

thank the LORD that I have two days off to recoup from all the new info that I learned this week.

hopefully the weather will be nice, I would like to go to a few different places this weekend, I am craving a run to the antique mall on LaGrange.

I am looking for a piece of art for one of my walls. Not sure if I should get something from the store or wait till the art fairs start up again. I believe there is a garden antique fair coming in April around the weekend of the 15th.

I am totally ready for the weather to start changing. I am dreaming of SPRING. I am sure we all are.

okay the couch is calling my name and my nice warm blanket is waiting for me, see ya soon.

So HOT boots of the week, here we go drum roll.........
cowboys boots from FRYE..... love the vintage weathered look but I could honestly never aford these babies.
their just beautiful to look at.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

these are some recent pics from our walk last week at Morton......
this is such a wonderful place it's a sanctuary for me. I can't wait for spring to come so that I can take a day off and just go sit under a wonderful tree.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

there we go more like it.... here is the fav boot of the week...
pretty sweet hugh!
Steve Madden never disappoints... my kind of boot!
okay so these are not boots I do have my favorite boot of the week that I will need to share with you, but I thought these were pretty awesome....

thought I would just share since spring is just around the corner and I actually saw someone wearing sandals yesterday......

Stacy Lattisaw - Let Me Be Your Angel

so last night I hung out with my cousin Yoli, we had a nice dinner and on our way to prayer group to see Father Ekpo she whips out her oldies but goodies.... gosh I had not heard this song in a long time, brings back many many memories.... so today I thought I would share.... this was not one of my favs there are many others like WITH MY NUMBER AND A DIME YOU CAN CALL ME ANYTIME do you remember that song, could not find that on you tube or maybe you remember ALWAYS AND FOREVER..... funny how I loved all those crazy love songs...but that was way back in the day....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

so on Sunday I woke up, the sun was shining and I am not a person that wants to waste a nice day especially when the sun is shining....
kids get dressed, quick stop at Duncin for my boys and off we went to my heaven on earth the -
Morton Arboretum
we walked a trail that we have never taken before, I don't know but something about little river creeks always attract me and my boys.... I made a wish as I was walking along the water.... and here you go two heart shaped rocks.... no they were not together like that but they were not to far from each other so we decided to place them together and leave them there for someone else to find someday....