Monday, May 31, 2010

yes another post..... it's getting late and I really should get to bed but I just am not sleepy at all.

I hope the weather is nice tomorrow as during lunch I look forward to going to this local park that's close to work and I enjoy sitting at the picnic table having my lunch. I guess it's a good time to gather my thoughts and just disappear even if it's just for an hour.

One whole hour of tranquility by myself -

me, myself and I.......

looking forward to it already....
I hope you all agree that this weekend weather wise was kind of wonderful.

I had soccer games to attend and a BBQ with my family and also a surprise that I never imagined.

I received a nice call from my good friend Mary and her went like this - hey ANGIE what's going on? Oh nothing just hanging out and having a BBQ... Well I will be right over she said jokingly. Well Mary you live like 5 hours away back in MO, but sure why don't you come on over.....

No Angie, I am in downtown Chicago visiting my nephew and if you have time I would love to see ya....

I honestly can tell you that I was very excited. I love this lady.

Mary is a past co-worker, but more then that she is a GREAT friend and someone that took great care of me always when I lived in St. Louis....

Mary, when I say that I don't miss MO it's the truth, but there is another truth.... I truly MISS YOU, Don, Donna and Cindy.... You all have my heart in MO and always will... You all treated me so kindly and for that I will be forever grateful to you all.

love ya guys.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

#16 - my son - Park Ridge

yesterday was beautiful don't you agree. weather was perfect.

I spent my day going back and forth to Park Ridge, IL for my son's soccer tournament.

Well if you can direct your attention to the last picture of this post. look in the middle do you see the wipe out of #2 in orange by my son. I swear #2 was an awesome player he was a one man team. He ran as fast as a gazelle. My son finally took him out in the middle of the game. NO NO NO I am not promoting the injury of kids here so don't get me wrong.... He was just that good.

The other team did end up winning and yes by 4 or 5 goals made by #2 on the other team.

He is also at another game this morning yes bright and early at 8....

Sorry I was not able to make that one, his father took him to that.

I am off to go buy burgers and hotdogs and all the other fixings for a BBQ with my parents and friends...

You all have a wonderful day.

Peace to ya....

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY my friends and don't forget to drink DOS XX with the most interesting man in the world, I will be.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Three day weekend

jolly jolly joy joy a three day weekend......

Hopefully it will be a wonderful weather weekend for all.
I of course will be catching some sun rays this weekend
at a couple of soccer games and then hopefully a BBQ with family and friends...

June is just around the corner... boys almost out of school.... I see the zoo in our future.... I work next Saturday so that will give me a day off during the week zoo here we come...

I want to get up early tomorrow and hopefully hit a few garage sales in the area if not there is always the farmers market...

talk about farmers market this wonderful flower was bought at the farmers market and it still looks very beautiful for having been bought at least two weeks ago.

I love flowers.... love love love love flowers....

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home Goods YOU ROCK!

I recently purchased this beautiful angel at my local Home Goods. Isn't she lovely. She has a few imperfections, but that is what I love about her.
Whose perfect anyways - GOD knows that not I.

My BFF friend Jennifer also was able to get one and for only $25.00 as she will missing her hand. So what for $25.00 she was a steal... hers had a different face and instead of having a lower body like my angel hers was like a cage. Really cool.

Home Goods you made us girls very happy.

Natures delights.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Proud that your mine.

This past Sunday in this really hot weather my son #23 had a game at the University of Chicago towards downtown.

Yeah it was hot, but the boys like always are troopers and even in this hot weather they played their best.

so as you can see my life is not just about work and going to the flea or going to soccer games... my life is their life ...... that's what I took on when I decided that I wanted to be a mother 12 years ago.

love ya #23 always have and always will......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Na Da Farm

I also had the pleasure of attending the Na Da Farm
sale which started on Friday. I heard them state that a lot of people attended on Friday and a lot of their stuff was bought. So here are a few more pics of the Na Da Farm sale and also some pics taken of the Graue Mill grounds.... a very relaxing place to visit.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


So today's road took me to the Graue Mill antique festival.

I tell ya it was a beautiful sunny day, a bit on the muggie side..

My older son decided to join me at the festival.

The youngest stayed with his father as this kind of girlie stuff is not his cup of tea.

My oldest is learning to enjoy antiquing and also the flea. He loves it and I am happy that at least I have someone to come with (not that I wouldn't go by myself)

These are a few pics I took today. A bit of the eye candy that I saw today. All lovely.

I would say that all was placed and decorated very nicely how can you not fall in love with everything.

This is a must see show so if you did not attend this year you must try to go next year.

stay tuned for more eye candy soon

Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Forget

Don't forget to support your local Farmers Market this summer.....