Thursday, December 29, 2011

okay okay

okay so I swear I feel like I have gained at least 10 pounds in the last two months...

so I again have decided to loose those extra pounds starting in January.

one of my resolutions again....

so having crepes once in a while is out of the question. no more chocolate which I love and cookies gosh I love cookies.

another thing I have decided to learn how to do is forgive. I am not very forgiving I take everything to heart, but maybe it's time to let go of my past and what has and had caused me a lot of pain. not sure if I will be able to do this since I am human and forgiving to me is like letting go of the pain I have lived with for so many years. Like loosing a limb. Like loosing a 50 pound bag that I have carried on my back for so many years. Loosing weight is much easier then forgiving. I am just being honest here.

I guess I just feel that if I forgive the people that hurt me they have won and have gotten away with murder, but my counselor states that is not the case. She says that I hurt myself over and over again since they have gone on with their lives. It's true they have. SUCKS truly. I have to really get myself ready for this and not sure if I can do it so I am not promising anything at this point. okay I got into this tooo deep and I really have not discussed my true feelings in such a long time and I don't want to start now.

I am so looking forward to 2012. 2011 was a learning experience. learning how to deal with my feelings and learning how to let some stuff go that we can't control.

2012 what will it bring? hope wonderful things for you and me...

I am on my way tomorrow to spend the whole weekend in downtown Chicago with my boys. Not sure what we are going to do.... Maybe the art museum or the planetarium. we will see and yes of course the camera is coming with.

Take care - Peace

Last Sat and Sun

so I hope your weekend went wonderfully well.

on Sunday I was invited to my cousin's place to eat a very tasty Christmas meal. We drank too much and I swear we ate toooo much. Opened gifts and just hung out. Towards the end of the night we ended up going to Gary's friends home somewhere close to Oak Park. Not sure exactly where as I was in the back seat with my niece and friend Sheila.

They took me to this wonderful home built in the 1800s. My cousin had told me about this home, but it's one of those things where u have to go see it to believe it. I stupidly did not have my camera with me or maybe I did and I was a little bit to toasty to find it in my bag. Plus it would of been rude to whip it out and start taking pics of someones home right?

well let me tell you it was a BIG treat. We were greeted with Champagne and we got a hour tour, the house has three floors plus a cellar NOT A BASEMENT. They were wonderfully nice people. Okay I wish I could show you pics, but the home was like if you stepped into antique heaven. They had two humongous sun rooms, the nativity set took over one whole room wall like if you were at church, the pool table was covered with zebra skin, the best room of all was the green room upstairs all the way down this hallway that had this perfect Christmas tree and beautiful flowered wallpaper with all these vintage pictures. Their doggie sleeps in that room it's bigger then my bathroom. One of the guest rooms has its own sun room and as you were leaving it goes down this other hallway. I wish I would of had my camera, but again did not want to be rude.

I can go on and on as I was truly amazed and happy that I went to see this home. At the end they invited us to have some cake and cookies and more champagne... they were getting ready to leave the next day to go stay at their other home in Florida. Yes, WOW is all I have to say. So here are a few random pics.

my Aunt and Gary, my mom's chicken tamales, my funky shoes and a nice arrangement that Gary bought for my cousin Yoli. See ya soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas.... I need to count all my blessings today....

From my family to yours have a wonderful weekend...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My card for a Christmas card contest

ok so here is the card i created for a card contest with the store called Paper Source in Oak Brook. I have not heard anything yet so not sure if they need time to pick the winners.

Wish me luck. Kind of funky and fun. All materials were bought at their store. I had a great time just coming up with the idea.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fantastic time - MORRISSEY CONCERT 2011

Okay I have to say I had a fantastic time last night.

Morrissey did not disappoint.

he sang one of my favorites Every Day is Like Sunday and also LET ME KISS YOU.

I sat next to a young man that was really fun. We were both dancing and singing and he told me he was happy to sit next to someone that was having a good time. I ended up in the balcony. With my bad neck issues maybe it was best. Even though it would have been fun on the main floor.

I stupidly did not think I could bring my camera and they really did not check my purse... I regret that for sure. It ended when people started trying to get onto the stage to hug him and all the security were just throwing people back into the crowd like rag dolls. So I did take a few pics after the concert of the outside. Tons of people all over.

I am so happy that I went. I would not have missed it for the world. And I have to say that it was so great that I lost my voice from all the singing.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The smiths - im so sorry

Itruly wish he sings this one tonight PLS MORRISSEY for me......


I am so freakin excited I could cry.... I hope I don't.......... bring back memories though. Yes, I am in my 40s but I would defintely cry......

cant wait to see this fantastic singer


He was not able to make it back in November so he is here today.......

got my tickets, and my date and off to the concert I will go in about 1 hour and 1/2......

tooo bad I can't bring my camera..... bummer....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

can u believe that Christmas is just around the corner. where did the time go. thank God that this year I was able to send out my cards and I did not procrastinate doing that. some people already received theirs and I still have more to mail out - hopefully this weekend.

tomorrow is my jobs happy hour in Downers Grove looking forward to that since I really do not go out that often to mingle with people. hopefully it will be fun.

so don't forget get crack a lakin on that shopping if you haven't started. I have two more gifts to pick up and I am done. A few more packages to wrap and I will be done with that as well. The only thing that I need to finish up doing is making my chocolate covered pretzels... those will be handed out at work.

okay well I will leave you all alone with all this holiday talk.... I will post some more pics of my cards soon.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


so I decided to get back into creating.

even though I did buy some really cute Christmas cards the other day. I have been on a roll creating one of a kind cards for some of my closest friends.

You should see the mess I have on the dinner table. Every night I clean it up but when I bring all my stuff out it's all over the place.

I recently entered a card contest at Paper Source wish me luck. It's really funkier then anything here I posted. I will show you soon. I will post it after the 19th when the contest closes. so I hope you enjoy some of these pics. I had so much fun making these yesterday I created for about 5 hours and that is why today I am paying with all this neck pain that I have. It's worth it though. Some of these have gone out in the mail while others will be dropped off tomorrow.

I did create others that are still not pictured. Maybe this will become one of my most favorite traditions.

Off to work tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful week whoever you are, wherever you are.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love sushi....

okay so who would of thought that I would love to eat sushi... don't get me wrong I am not someone that is shy to try any kind of food. I will at least try it once.

So recently I was invited out to eat to try something different - SUSHI.

Now I love thai food and who can say NO to shrimp fried rice, egg drop soup and sweet and sour chicken, but Sushi the real stuff.

When I say real stuff I mean made in a restaurant not bought at Target or Walmart already prepackaged.

I did not know what to pick so we picked a few different rolls. Some of it had avacado in it and how could I not try that. The atmosphere of the restaurant is so relaxing with dim lights and colorful wall art that changes color. pretty awesome place. so I am sharing some pics that I took with my new little Canon camera I got on black Friday. Not sure if I am digging the camera yet but it did take great pics without the flash. So here are a few pics from this past Sunday.. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dead Can Dance - Spirit

another amazing band. I remember when I went to see them in concert with my best friend Michelle at the time... they were amazingly beautiful.

things made of sand just fall apart straight through my hands

the spirit of life keeps us strong
and the spirit of life has the will to carry on

advercity what have I done to you
to cause this reclusive silence that has come between me and you

I never thought it would be quite like this
when as long as the veins in our arms still stand up
the spirit of life keeps living on

Kitchens of Distinction - Drive That Fast

awesome song just found my Kitchens of Distinction cassette the other day..... yes cassette... I have tons of music on cassettes still.... Im a music lover as much as my father.

- I would never want to do that to you
take you far and leave you stranded.....

take me away from these simple feelings
I know there is answers on the other side of here .....

I would never want to wish this much on you
when what you have is quite enough.