Thursday, July 31, 2008

hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am on my way to MO bright and early tomorrow to go check on our house and to bring more of our belongings. With the way things are right now with the economy it is not a home sellers market. We are living in Wheaton at this moment and once we sell our home I believe this is where we will plant our roots. I heard it's going to be very HOT in St. Louis. I just can't wait to start moving some of our stuff in that heat. You all take care and blessings to you and yours.

Just ME
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thank you so much Denise for this premio.

My blog has never been honored with an award before.

I would love to award this to the following women that inspire me everyday.

All the links are on my side bar.
Sorry that I am not computer savvy so please click on the links to my blogs right to check out these wonderful places.

The list is as follows:

- Linda Harre from Studio Stuff

- Beth
from Doors are everywhere. Open them

- Patti
from Creative Cottage Dreamer

- Corey
from RocK paPer SciSsOrs (a wonderful store in Old St. Charles, MO)

Missy and Carol Mollica I would award this to you as well, but I believe that Denise has already done so.

Denise you know how I feel about you. YOU are one of my favorite artists. Anything you create always turns our wonderfully artistic. YOU ROCK GIRL!

Please visit Denise Lombardozzi at Firstborn Studio Journal to see her wonderfully artisitc BLOG!

Thanks again Denise - Hugggggs and Kisssses to you.......

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

crepes for lunch...

yes, after I had one this past Sunday I was craving them today. So I mixed up all the ingredients and I had 3 for lunch. I did not have strawberry preserve so I added a bit of apricot preserve instead. it was delicious.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

what did I buy at the market yesterday?

These pictures should show you what I bought. everything was affordable. the old chipped kettle will be used to plant flowers in. the vintage hat will be used to decorate with. and the locker basket will be used for uhm....not sure yet, but I will find something to do with it.

I hope you enjoy the pics of my findings.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going to market we go!

Today came and went. My mom and I attended the Sandwich, IL ANTIQUE market. this market is at least 40 minutes from Wheaton going west on 88. I read somewhere that it was expensive and to be honest it is a bit. I told my mom that it's okay if it is I just wanted to attend to go check it out and to spend sometime going somewhere different.

The ride there was wonderful. Country roads, corn and old barns. I love the country. They had some great stuff and you will see from the pictures below, but YES on the pricier side. I saw a few vendors that I recognized from the St. Charles Kane County flea market. My mom and I decided the flea is better to attend.

At the end, I talked to a lady that was right behind us. She said that this market used to be way bigger, but with the high price in gas and the space fee some vendors probably decided not to come.

I had a nice time. My mom had a nice time as well. I ate some wondeful crepes cooked by these Franciscan nuns. the crepes were of my favorite foods actually Favorite with a capital "F".

I will probably attend again, but not soon enough.

next show will be the overnight flea in Wheaton. Starts at 5:00 p.m. sometime in August. I really would like to go to this. Should be fun. will wear my PJs just in case I want to take a snooze by a tree or under someones table. I will have to remember to bring the bug repellant spray.

Scroll down if you would like to see some of the wonderful treasure's that vendors had at this market. Alot more great finds that were not photographed of course.

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cont...Sandwich, IL Antique Market

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Friday, July 25, 2008

I am on my way this weekend to the Sandwich, IL antique fair. I cannot wait to see what they have and what I can add to my collections. I believe it might be higher priced stuff, but I am going just to go see how it is and to take pictures. If I find something decently priced then I will buy it otherwise it's just for fun. My mom has been nice enough to want to come and accompany me. the boys will be fishing with dad and grandpa. I hope you have a fun filled weekend. pls enjoy this picture I took yesterday.

(hands were borrowed from JR Lopez)
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

heaven on earth

today I took my children and a two of our favorite friends to this wonderful park in Winefield, IL. If this park reflects heaven then I am anxious to go because this place is wonderful. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. yes, it's close up there with antiquing. just to walk through this peaceful place is all I need for a little stress relief. the waterfall, the green grass, the wild flowers....what more can you ask for. if peace and harmony is what you are seeking visit a local forest preserve and walk a trail, hug a tree or just have a picnic...

(more pics below)
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