Sunday, May 31, 2009

do tell, what grows in your garden?


Forget - me - nots grow in part of my garden.

so do you remember that pink wicker chair I got last year at the Kane County Flea, well it's enjoying it's life in my back yard. I put it right under this wonderful tree that is in the middle of my yard. yesterday, after work I got a chance to sit under the tree and enjoyed the cool sweet breeze......

Friday, May 29, 2009

do tell, pls what does your garden grow?

so do tell, what does your garden grow?

Im off today

off from work and in many other ways as well.

I was planning on going to Geneva today since I am off, but set a doc appt as my nerves have been shot all this week plus my son went on his 5th grade trip and really wanted to use my camera and as a mother how can you turn your child away from wanting to capture an important trip in picture form.

so I leave you with this shadow box creation of mine. I loved creating and ever since my move to IL it's been put on the back burner. all my art supplies still in boxes in my garage. that's life right.

okay ya'll I am off gotta run, work tomorrow and hopefully if it's not raining on Sunday maybe well see an outing somewhere.

Peace to you and have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Geneva, IL

they are the reason why I was laughing earlier today.

these boys are so full of energy, wish I had a bit of their energy.....

another reason why I am thankful!

a simple kind of life

yesterday before everyone woke up I took a walk in my yard enjoying the fresh air and getting ready for my hubbies family that would be join us in a couple of hours. isn't it wonderful to have, at least in my mind, a simple kind of life. I am full of emotion this morning, but I am so GRATEFUL for all that have lost their lives so that I can have MY simple kind of life.

I am grateful to be able to enjoy the beauty that is around me. I am so grateful to be able to be here with my family and enjoy this freedom. FREEDOM to be able to walk out in my yard in my p.j.s at 7:00 in the morning and be part of my surroundings. Even my mother's little dog LULU
was enjoying the weather and the birds singing.

I am so GRATEFUL for MY simple kind of life!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

good morning

today is my Saturday as I had to work all day yesterday, but the good thing about working on a Saturday you get any day of the week off.

so I chose next Friday.... the bad thing about working a Sat you miss all the fun stuff that is going on all around us, no farmers market this weekend and yesterday was the beginning of the
Randolph street market. It's actually two days, but today we are staying home and having a BBQ with my husbands family. that should be fun since we will have tons of little girls running around and a new born coming to visit.

pictured here are pics I took at the COUNTRY LIVING fair that came to Chicago a couple years back. I still don't understand why they have not come back to Chicago....

How about two shows COUNTRY LIVING one in OHIO and one in Chicago, PLS!

Two weeks from now I will have the pleasure of Meeting Eddie Ross and Jaithan, they are coming to the Kane County flea and as a treat for my cousin and I my husband was nice enough to buy us tickets. That will be my cousin's birthday weekend so I hope she enjoys flea marketing and meeting interesting people. I am totally up for it as I have the flea itch bad today!

So what am I up to on Friday, since my boys are still in school, I really want to go to Geneva, Il. So my plan at this moment is to get up early, see the boys to school and get in my little truck and speed all the way to Geneva, Il which is only 25 minutes away and hopefully I will get into some mischief and bring you all back some interesting pictures.... DO YOU WANT TO COME ALONG?

Have a great memorial weekend ya'll.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


after dinner we went to our family room and just vegged out.

pictured is my crazy cousin, her young and full of life daughter and the lady in the blue is my cousins long time friend.

we had a special guest join us, Madame LOLA the cute Schnauzer. so this was a fun girl/kids/doggie party.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting my table ready... aren't these beautiful found them at the market this morning.

I just wanted to give you a sneak peak, now I gotta run and get ready so see ya soon.

Peace to you and keep having a wonderful weekend!
putting on my party hat today. YAY it's Saturday and you know what that means farmers market. believe it or not we are already having an ARIES reunion tonight at my house so I will be running all day today trying to make everything presentable for my guests.

I am preparing cornish hens, white rice, ass-paragus, (little humor there) and 1 well seasoned celery stick for my cousin as she is on a detox your body diet. (Just Kidding Yoli)

Wish you could make it ya'll. My husband has decided to pass on the party and will be taking the kiddies out for some boy fun.

So I will try to be a good hostess and since I am running to the market this morning, I will try to take some pics of all the great stuff to share with you.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

dowtown Wheaton French Market

doesn't this get you in the mood for flowers and veggies!

Im lovin it.

for the love of Body Forms

well hello yall,

it's Tuesday and I made it through another work day.

I just found these pictures in my pic collection and thought this would be a good TUESDAY post.

love body forms and I am sure some of you do as well. I believe Joan from Anything Goes Here (link to the side)
had some for sale this past weekend at the flea.

The one to the right is one that I won a couple years back off of ebay and the one below is one that I took a picture of at the Mayestown, Il fair a year back.

I believe the more wear and tear on the form the better!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

before I say goodnight

I am in a blogging mood so I just can't wait till this week to post more.

I have also adored these beauties, but never had any in MO and come to find out that my neighbor has some and they are spreading into my yard. So yes I went out this morning and picked a few for our enjoyment. Aren't they beautiful. If I were a fairy I would wear these in my hair or use the flower as a little cup to catch rain water.

Again the wonders of Nature......

my garden

hope you are having a wonderful mother's day. I did end up going to my mother in laws and had a nice authentic MEXICAN meal with all the fixins and some really good hot sausages from Texas.... okay ya'll in TEXAS you need to sell them hear because if you did you would be rich. I am not a sausage person, but these were really good.

I took these pictures to share with you what I have been doing in my garden. This was way early this morning. It was so sunny and the birds were singing. Truly a beautiful morning and then some clouds came and kept passing through the rest of the day. I heard it is going to get chilly tonight so I hope my plants don't freeze.

One of my favorite plants is the bleeding heart. I had never seen white until this past month in MO so when I went to a plant sale at the Arboretum (spelled wrong) guess what they had.... yes white bleeding hearts. Hopefully by next year they will be a bit more lush.

The cute house I purchased from a gentlemen I saw at the Country Living show a couple of years back in Chicago. I did not buy one at the time, but I still remembered him and ordered it a year later. Oh by the way did you see your latest issue of Country Living, they are having their fair again in OHIO.... Why not CHICAGO??? And last but not least see the beautiful white flowers down below. I bought them at the farmers market this weekend and guess what before I could plant them in my seciton of the garden the hubby took them and planted them in his section. I guess he must have really loved them because there they are planted in the front of the house where he is redoing all the landscaping.

I still have more pics to show you so hopefully this week if I am not so brain tired from work I will post more.

You take care now ya hear!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers day to YOU!

Yes, I am a SOCCER MOM!

I don't drive a mini van anymore, but I am a soccer mom and have been since my eldest was 4 now 11. Part of my weekend is dedicated my boys soccer games. Yes, sometimes you can hear me screaming from the side lines. I don't do it as much anymore as I used to. I guess I am growing up, but occasionally you can still hear my loud mouth.......

I wish you a happy Mother's day. Hope it's filled with love and laughter.

I will be spending my day at my in laws. Would be nice to be gardening, but the weather will be cooler tomorrow. Oh and by the way the older gent well that is the hubby. Sometimes acts like a kid himself.

Have a wonderful Sunday and stay tuned for some pics of Wheaton's farmers day which is every Saturday starting today.

See ya'll soon ya hear!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

natures wonders

I found this wonderful little gift the other day.
My younger son had found it and thank GOD that he did not decide to discard of it. He actually placed it very lovingly in the mouth of this ceramic garden frog I have in my yard.

Isn't it beautiful.. Just AMAZING what wonderful gifts even birds have... I mean I always get stopped in my tracks when I hear someone sing beautifully I stop in amazement at all the different gifts God has given all of us. Even little birds have amazing little gifts like in the creation of this little nest.

All I have to say is WOW! another reason to believe that life is wonderful!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

there is nothing like a bit of fun with fam and friends

wow what beautiful weather we had here in IL. I was invited to an art fair and breakfast with some wonderful family and friend. My cousin Y - lives in Oak Park. Exactly I would say east from Wheaton, IL....

My cousin (not pictured) set up a date for all of us to meet at this great little restaurant. The Aries reunion she called it because I, her best friend pictured in the red and the young lady (her daughter) with the long dark hair are all Aries..

Funny cause one of the topics that came up between us Aries is where is the craziest place that you have cried at.... I guess my cousin believes we are criers and a bit crazy.. My other niece in the black also came to break up the ARIES drama since she also says we are drama queens... funny.... I just laugh at her.

Pictured is some art from the art festival my cousin invited me to at the Merchandise Mart..could not afford anything there. Wonderful art, but very expensive.

We just hung out and had a nice time in each other's company.

Randolph Street coming soon

by the way this is coming this month as well!

Plus, gosh darny I missed the Kane County flea this weekend... I can't keep up. Maybe, I can clone myself....

Just kidding...

Maeystown, IL

Happy weekend to you all.... well I was not able to attend this year as tooo much going on this weekend. Soccer games and an invitation to breakfast with a bunch of ARIES... who could resist.

I am on my way now, but I wanted to show you some pictures of previous years. Gosh darny would have loved to have gone, but there is always next year and next year sound more promising.

Stay tuned I might have some pics of an art fair that is going on in downtown today if we are able to make it.

Have a great weekend.