Sunday, July 31, 2011

it's getting later and later and I cannot sleep.... toooo much diet coke... not really a good thing to drink when a person deals with anxiety... should of picked water instead.
so it's been a while since I have shared any of my crazy feelings.
I guess counseling and the medication have taken a bit of the edge off.
at least that is how I feel sometimes. I guess some stuff is better left behind in a small room under lock and key - dont you think?
I recently met this lady which for some strange reason the connection was made, a connection that came out of no where. she is so sweet always calls me georgeous. I truly don't think of myself that way but I go along with her cause honestly I don't know what else to say. She comes sometimes to my desk and gives me a big old hug like if we have been the best of friends for years... sweet lady. I saw her crying the other day not really knowing why. I did not want to pry. I got the nerve to ask her to lunch not to talk about her issues, but to let her know that she is not alone in her pain. We all have issues and things we like to hide or that we can't deal with. GOD knows I have mine and have dealt with them for so many years... have I let them go yet? NO not at all, maybe I am trying to let them go away slowly. not used to not have issues. they become a big part of you.
it's very hard to forgive and forget. my counselor says by forgiving it's not that you are saying that what they did was right it's a way of letting go. NOT SURE if I will ever be able to let go or if I will ever truly forgive. Maybe I am not ready to do so...
so somtime this week I will join this lady for a quick bit to eat, wish me luck. not sure if I will be able to help her or give her good advice. I just want her to know that someone does care even though at this point we are truly strangers.... sometimes strangers are better friends to be honest.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am so bummed to find out that one of my favorite singers has lost her life at such an early age of 27.
So talented and now she is gone.
RIP AMY - may your soul now be free and maybe you be at peace.....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carnavale - Cousin Adrian turns 40

had a great time last night celebrating my cousin's 40th
b-day. I grew up with him and consider him my favorite boy cousin.
so my cousin Yoli made the plans and we all showed up.
fun was had by all especially myself with that mint coconut mojito that I had... by the way I am not a big drinker so before the food came I was feeling very good and had a few laughs sitting next to Gary... sorry Gary did not get your pic.
so Cousin Adrian even though the years have passed and our lives have taken different directions you still are close to my heart and I was glad that I made it to your 40th b-day dinner. (sorry for my perv jokes)

Monday, July 18, 2011

hanging out last Friday with my youngest was fun.... went to the pool and had a small breakfast at McDs.
love their yogurt parfait with the crunchy granola bits they give you on the side.
got to see my mom and dad and yes I did get to go to the thrift with my mom and will show you soon what I got. love that store if I lived closer I swear I would sneak there every day...
glad I am off today on my way to the mall with my two boys... just to hang and then tomorrow going to the waterpark with my cousin and our kids to go have some water fun.... she says all she likes doing is the lazy river - we will see.... now I have to go find a bathing suit... not tooooo thrilled about that.... have never really liked being in a bathing suit.... hope I don't run into anyone I know...

Friday, July 15, 2011

I am off today.... yay......up early... why is it that when you can sleep in you dont? I could sleep in and enjoy a few more zzzzzzzzzzs and I am up and ready to go at 6:30 a.m. I already took the dog out, put a load of laundry to wash, cleaned my front glass door and it's only 7:05...
so what am I up to today, have promised my youngest to take him to the pool. I don't really do pools but since he has been dying to go I will be the nice mommie and take him. I can maybe catch a few rays and get some color.
my parents are back from their 2 month vaca in Mexico so I promised to go see my mom while dad is working. (maybe I will get a chance to go to the thrift that I love to go to).
my oldest does not even want to hang out today at least that is what he told me yesterday. I guess he is getting older and now thinks he can do what he wants. we will see.
so I hope you all have a great weekend. I do work tomorrow but then I am off Sun, Mon and Tuesday...
I have not been to Navy Pier in a while maybe it's time to go...... okay yall I know this is such a boring post.. B O R I N G, but I never said I lead an exciting life, maybe sometimes..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boys and their TOYS

so yesterday by a GOOD mistake we passed by downtown Lombard and they were having a vintage car show...
since I grew up with all boys and a dad that had new used cars about every other month just because I have always have had a soft spot for these beauties.
so I called my brother told him to come on by and we took the boys to enjoy a night out checking these babies out...
of course our boys only wanted to mess around instead of enjoying and admiring the cars... all my brother kept saying there is not one car that was a monte carlo as he has an old 1977 monte carlo that he had worked on and still has it in storage.... I am not sure if they have this every weekend but if you love cars maybe you should check it out.
p.s. my favorite of all time - MUSTANGS as my favorite uncle always had mustangs when I was younger


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

so I hope you had a relaxing long holiday weekend....
I must say that I did stay in and relaxed most of this weekend.
My nice cousin brought me some Sangria and here I am with my feet up relaxing and of course some of her Sangria waiting to be drank.
Never got a buzzzz though... would of been nice to get one even if it only lasted for an hour or so, but it didn't even hit me.
Thanks cousin!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

been havin trouble posting .... stay tuned for more soon
these pics are of my niece Karina that recently graduated.
The pics below are of my favorite pinkish sweater and artsy shirt and of course the Eiffel Tower necklace that I got at Kohls... yes at Kohls and it was on clearance....

Saturday, July 2, 2011