Saturday, January 31, 2009

See I told you I would bring you something more interesting. I took these pictures this morning as well. I forgot to mention that I did go to the thrift store, but it was not a hit. I did buy a couple of white milk glass thingies that I will show you soon.

shes just right

the sun was shining very brightly today and I just had to take a picture of my beloved body form that I purchased I few years back at an antique store in MO.

thanks so much for the nice comments you left on my previous log. I passed my test with an 86%! Thanks again I truly appreciate you.

So what are you up to this weekend? I have not been to an antique store in a while so I plan on going to one that is in LaGrange, IL. Hopefully the sun will shine brightly tomorrow as well.

Wanted to send a hello to you and I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

This week in training, I will be reading about LAW.... yes the laws that apply to insurance. YAY!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YES no pictures, it's my jobs fault


my oh my it has been a while. I have missed you all. I have to apologize that I disappeard for some time, but my new job is kicking me in the butt.... what I really mean is that I am BLESSED to have a job even though it's making my brain work at 100%. Brain cells now regenerating....

This week I am learning CAR parts, YES car parts inside and out. FOR EXAMPLE what the engine consists of, spark plugs, quarter panels, pistons, cylinders, engine block, oil pan, internal combustion, would you like me to keep on going..... okay I will stop. OF course they will be testing us this Friday..... Did I mention that I am not a reader and NOW I am having to learn everything about what a CAR consists of.... I need to laugh to stop myself from crying of boredom.

BUT, I am blessed to have a job. I am blessed to have a job. So if you ladies out there or gents want to know about car ornamentation, grilles, quarter wheelhouses you know where you can find me. I will be happy to discuss this fun stuff with you.

Peace to you...... I promise that I will be back soon with more interesting stuff other then my work life... I just really need to pass this test on Friday.

Peace to you all....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, I am alive, but I can't say that my brain is.
I am going to be honest, I have always been more of a visual person more than anything. I learn how to do stuff by using my sight. I am not a big time reader, but I have had to do a lot of paying attention in the last couple days and I read all day today. I will be in training for the next three months. I wish I could tell you that I spent all day reading something fun, but no not really well maybe if you call INSURANCE POLICY stuff fun.
Okay enough of work because I really don't want to talk about that.
Not a great picture here, but this is a very shabby piece of furniture I bought in MO last year. It is not organized at all and am not sure how I am going to finish it up. I was thinking of either adding some artsy paper to the inside or painting it, but for now it's just going to be adorned some how or another. My brain is totally fried so it's going to have to wait till some of my brain cells start regrowing back. Sorry a little Angie humor. Oh well, I am just being honest.
Have a great rest of the week. I will be back once Friday comes and goes.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

well it's Sunday and tomorrow is off to the work force I go. I have not worked since July, but it's time to get that career in gear again.

I added a large plate above the white cabinet in my Angie room. Not sure if i really like it there, but I don't dislike it either. it will have to stay there for now.

Down below you will find an old mirror that I absolutely love and of course had to hang that up and down below is my vintage dress form. She was kind of bare so I added the fabric lamp shade on her until I decide how I will fix her up in the next few weeks.

I am sure I will be bored down the line at work and I will use that time to dream about what else to do to my space. For now have a great week and I will see ya soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

vintage mirror

okay I could not wait so I had to post today. I bought this mirror for $2.00 if I remember correctly. I purchased it at the Gyspy Caravan show in St. Louis. I guess because it was cracked they did not want it anymore, but someones trash is now my treasure.....
Have a great weekend!

hello all......

I just wanted to share a few pics I took today of some of the stuff I unpacked.

Don't know if anyone out there can tell me a little bit about these silver alluminum plates/bowls. I love the detail and I have been seeing them a lot at the thrift stores. My mother loves them and when I started to admire all the detail on them, I started liking them as well. Very lovely and sturdy.

Down below you will see BLUE ----

here we go.... something blue. I really can't say that I am truly into blue until I picked up this beautiful glass cut vase in the perfect color of blue and close by it was this little vintage Christmas pick that I could not resist. Who knew I really would really like blue.

A few pictures down below is a fabric lamp shade cover I bought in MO sometime ago. Don't remember if I bought it at my favorite store in St. Charles, but I love the colors (again the repeat of blue).

And last but not least, I am not sure if I am a true romantic still (maybe deep inside I still am) but I found this wonderful book at Home Goods. It's called Love Letters Lost by Babette Hines and it's wonderful because there are tons of old letters printed and wonderful vintage pictures to go along with it. A romantic book to start getting you ready for VALENTINE!
Well that is it for now. I also have some other pictures I took of this wonderful old mirror, but you will have to come back tomorrow.....

Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my girls

so this is the closest I will ever get to having a daughter. I believe I have told you that my life is surrounded by boys. My brothers all have boys, my dogs are boys, I have boys......
so yes there are some times when I wish I would have had a sister or maybe a daughter. NO I would not trade my boys, but what I mean maybe the child I lost a while ago might have been a daughter.
So for now these dolls are my girls. Aren't they cute?
peace to you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

remember her?

so do you? do you remember I found her at an antique store in Wheaton a few months back.
I have decided to call her Madame Peff - she will be named after my neighbor. Madame Peff is from New York and she is and was a ballerina.
so because I find ballerinas extremely magical and this vintage doll is as well I found it fitting to name her after my neighbor Madame Peff.

here it is THE can buy it or rent it!

more pics to share

since it was very gloomy here on my side of the world, I am sharing with you more pics I took yesterday.

today instead I allowed myself some time to sit on my behind and watched a movie I had been wanting to see. THE DUCHESS - not sure if you have seen it, but it's worth the rental. It is extraordinarily beautiful, but sad to be honest. Sad to me because well I must not say just in case you decide to watch it. It was truly a beautiful movie because of the scenery, dresses, their living quarters with the gold mirrors, chandeliers, candles burning, beautiful walls and paintings. I can keep going, but maybe you should go out and rent it. I don't know if I am just under the weather today, but I had a good cry after it. SILLY me.... as always emotional because The Duchess Georgiana did not end up with the love of her life .

Oh well.............

Monday, January 5, 2009

All work and no play.....

well the count down started today..... next week Monday I restart my career with SFarm...

so today as I was busy organizing my favorite stuff, I took my camera in hand and decided to play.

all work and no play makes me a bit grumpy, plus it was very, very sunny today and I had to take advantage.

here are a few of my treasures. who needs diamonds when you have old millinery flowers, vintage lace and some gorgeous rhinestone buttons.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have decided that this is the year that I will display and use the stuff that I have bought or received as gifts.

To be honest, I still had stuff in boxes that I received on my wedding day 12 years ago. Why did I not open the boxes up???? What was I waiting for???? Who knows, but NOT ANYMORE!

Everything will be used starting this year.

I have to admit, on my way today to drop off donation boxes, I ran into my local thrift store and found some cute little vintage glasses with gold edges just like these tea cups.

Yes, I BOUGHT THEM....(I hope the hubby does not read this) they were only 40cents each and I bought five. I will use them as tea light candle holders. I will take a picture soon to share with you. They are really nice and they will look nice in the ANGIE room.

gotta run.... Saturday Night is about to start and I am in the mood for a good laught tonight!

WELCOME to my new home


I wanted to share with you a few pics I took of my living room/Angie room.

Ever since we decided on this house, I chose to make the living room the Angie room. A place where I can relax, hear music, light my candles and where I can display some of my favorite belongings.

The lower level family room will be more masculine since I live with two boys, hubby and two male dogs. YES, I am outnumbered. So when we first moved in I took over this space.

The brown leather seat will definitely have to be moved to the lower level downstairs, but the rest stays in the Angie room. So come on over, I would love to invite you over for tea and some relaxing music.

Peace to you!