Friday, February 27, 2009


good morning to ya girlies...

wow what a week. I really should be getting ready for work right now, but I would rather blog at least really fast here. Caught some kind of virus this week so been feeling a bit under the weather. That's okay because the weekend is just around the corner.

I promise to blog a bit more later and I need to go visit my favorites as well.

Here is a bit of my glass ware that I truly love. My husband wants to take over of these cabinets and store stuff we really need to store. Oh well at least I am still trying to hand on to it before I have to add pots and pans... BORING....

This weekend is the Kane County flea and I have to add a few new links to the side bar there. I promise to do so hopefully by tonight. If not early morning tomorrow.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday. Off to work I go....


Sunday, February 22, 2009

this is what started it all.

way before I became the person I am today, you know back in my younger years, going to the thrift was not only to buy old stuff and to be honest since I did not have a home at the time it was more to go buy old jeans that were already torn and worn and maybe find some cool jewelery.

but this picture was my first purchase. this is what started my love of old findings. I have carried this picture around through many years. it is still not placed on a wall. not sure why. maybe I have not found the right place for it.

but this was what started it plus the discovery of Country living years ago. so as of today it is in my Angie room awaiting it's hanging on the wall. not sure if it will ever be hung, but it will definitely stay with me for a very long time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

sleep tight and don't let those bed bugs bite!

Good Evening to YA

so after I posted this morning I jogged up the stairs to make breakfast. One of my favorites, YES le french toast from scratch. To be honest, I do not enjoy cooking like my mother and brother do, but I have to admit that when I do cook it turns out really good. No I am not showing off I guess I just surprise myself.

another thing that I have been really enjoying lately is a tall cold glass of carrot jucie. When I was still living at home (with my parents) they enjoyed making carrot juice for us. I love it.... its really refreshing. I love adding salt and lemon to it. If you have a JUMBA JUICE near by try it. They add orange juice to it and some banana. YUMMIE!

I hope you all had a great day today. Actually I just got home around 9:00 ish.... it's been a long day and I am totally worn out... and I am truly in the mood to go laugh a bit so I am running upstairs to go watch Saturday night live.

Yayayayayyyyyyayyyy its SATURDAY and I am HOME ALL DAY

now that I started working again, I truly look forward to the weekends.....

sometimes in the morning I wake up my boys with my wannabe IRISH accent and say GOOD MORNING TO YA LADS! they think it's funny and also repeat it as well.


Yes no sleep for me as my PAPASH (my little dog) does not realize that it's a SAT and I don't have to go to work today. He is actually my alarm at 6:00 in the a.m. and he does not fail to wake me.

So I woke up today to SNOW.....yes more snow in our area and I believe more snow all day today. FUN FUN FUN. HI PATTI! I hope you didn't get toooo much snow on your side of Illinois.

Two indoor soccer games today yall with a family birhtday party in between. shshsh I am tired already.

So I just caught wind from a previous post that the Kane county flea that is in St. Charles, IL is going on next weekend. Might just have to go to that if at all possible and since I don't have anything going on I will try to work that in.

Maybe it's time that I start selling at the flea. I would love to do that one day. Truly I would. If I would, would you come by and say HI.......

I totally appreciate you coming by my blog and leaving me comments. It's always fun to read them and build relationships with you all.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I am truly praying for SUN today! At least give me some sun on the weekends when I can enjoy looking at it through the window.

Peace to YA,



Thursday, February 19, 2009

this is for you PATTI

my friend Patti from Creative Cottage Dreamer asked me recently how do I find out about all these flea markets in the area.
There are a couple of ways that I have found them:
by googling, word of mouth and also when I do visit these fleas or antique malls I always grab the free flyers they have laying around usually at the entrance.
When I met Joan this past weekend. She mentioned the Grayslake flea which I had read about (on a flyer). She was nice enough to let me know that it is a great flea to visit. So YES in March I am planning on checking that one out. There is always the one on Roosevelt which is in downtown Chicago and that starts soon - I believe in May.
For you that live in the area don't forget about the Kane County flea and also the Sandwich, IL flea. All of these fleas can be googled. Some of their websites even have where you can leave your info and they will send you stuff through the mail.
I hope this helps all that might be wondering how they can find out where their local flea is.
Here is a link to the Kane County market : or you can try googling ZURKO PROMOTIONS and that should bring up the info for the flea in Wheaton.
Have fun and leave some stuff for me.......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the other boys in my life

I just wanted to share with you some little boys that I usually don't blog about. The other boys in my life.

Papash and Tobie....... (down below)

My life is not just all about flea markets, estate sales, auctions.

I have two beautiful boys that I truly love and two doggies that sometimes drive me crazy.

Tobie the white schnauzer was actually a dog that we got from a breeder in MO. When we lost our second child he came into our lives and filled in the gap. So Tobie in my eyes is that second child. He is a big part of our family.

The little one which you can't miss in the picture to the left is Papash. HE definitely keeps me on my toes and since he just recently came to live with us my hubby is trying really hard to be a good dad. This little guy loves jumping on our couch. YIKES. He is not very friendly and like Cesar Milan says he believes I am his female because he has just taken over and loves guarding me even from my youngest. So now do you understand why I say he keeps me on my toes.

The picture above shows his favorite toy and that is a stuffed animal. He loves stuffed animals especially the cat posted above right there on the floor.

Okay well I just wanted to share a part of me that I might not write about that often, but believe me they are truly a big part of our family.


Just ME

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sorry it took me a bit to post, but my hubby that works from home and is a work a holic takes over the computer area and has been working late these last couple days. I then of course have to wait to post on my blog.

I bought some really great pictures at the flea/antique market this past weekend. All are from the 20s.... you know I love the 20s.

these spoons I have pictured look big here, but are small in size. I also bought this sheep picture that I will have to add on my wall soon. (will show you soon) I bought it from Sandy and Joe (Sandy)pictured below by the cool lamp.

Joe and Sandy have a website that you need to check out. Sandy is one of the vendors that I met this past weekend. Joe and Sandy sell at the Wheaton and Grayslake flea/antique markets in the neighborhood isle.‏ ....

okay y'all I know this is short, but I gotta run and go prepare lunches for the kiddies and I heard that we are supposed to get some snow so of course I am already fretting about tomorrow morning's drive...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

off to market I went..

hello yall......

yes my travels today took me to the WHEATON flea/antique market.

I really enjoyed dropping in even though I was not supposed to have gone at all. Other plans arose late morning, but I was able to sneak away at least for an hour.

I am glad I attended because I met this very pretty lady named Joan. Very nice lady and a great booth. Her booth reminded me of nature butterflies and all. We talked for a bit. I told her I would see her again. She told me a bit about herself and I believe her husband Steve (which was so nice to be there with her) used to work for State Farm. Small world hugh.

She also sells at the Grayslake market which I will definitely attend to next month. She said it was wonderful so you know I need to go check this market out.

The lady above was another vendor that I met. I have her blog name and I promise I will post the link tomorrow as I left it in my car. She was very nice as well. I bought a picture from her and Joe. These two ladies and Joe are part of the neighborhood.... What do I mean? Well they are vendors that are friends and kind of have their booths next to each other.

I told Joan that I would see her again soon and hopefully next time we meet she will remember me.

Stay tuned tomorrow for PART 2 and pictures of the treasures I found today.

Sweet dreams and yes off to work tomorrow again. I swear weekends are just toooo short when you are having fun!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

wishing you happy sweet thoughts today!

happy heart day to you!

wishing you much love, some chocolate and all that your heart desires!

Just me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Auction! Where! Right there.......

hi there....well let me tell you how excited I was today when I passed by a little strip mall maybe about 4 minutes away from my house. Wait a minute does that say AUCTION/ANTIQUES... let me turn around and get my butt over there. YES, an auction every WED and SUN and only a few minutes away. WOW.... I couldn't believe it. I was totally excited.

I loved attending auctions and estate sales in MO. When I left MO the auctions at my local VFW hall was something I was definitely going to miss. Well to my surprise today, I was able to attend. I went home, kissed the hubby and young one good bye took my older son with me and there we were a few minutes late, but enjoying the auction.

I just enjoy watching the people that attend and seeing what they end up with. I did bid on a few things and left around 9:00. They were still going when I left and still had tons more stuff to auction off.

I can't wait to make this a habit. I will try to be good I promise. I made a few absentee bids before I left. Not sure if I will win, but that is okay. There is always this coming Sunday or next Wednesday.

Peace to you,

Just me

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I hope all is going well for you this weekend. WOW what a surprise today to see the sun shinning brightly again and our snow here in IL is almost all gone. You might think that spring is just around the corner.

I don't know about you, but by this time I am itching to get myself back into flea market mode. I know next weekend here in Wheaton there will be an antique/indoor flea market so I do plan on attending if I can.

Soccer season is about to begin. So you know where I will be for the next couple months. Plus, in the middle of April I am on my way to BLOOMINGTON, IL for two whole weeks of claim processor training. Two whole weeks without my kids and my hubby. What will I do with myself? I won't know how to act....

I don't know if I mentioned before, but on my way home from work I always pass up a GOOD WILL. I have found a few things there. Not that much, but good enough. It's funny because this past week I stopped on Thursday and Friday right after work. Funny why? I ran into the same gentlemen on Thursday and Friday at around the same time and doing the same thing - looking around while talking on the phone. We kept bumping into each other. Don't think he noticed me, but I just find it interesting that I saw him there both days doing the same things - kind of like de-ja-vous. I was trying to take a peek to see what he was buying. Vintage stuff I noticed. He was picking up the same stuff I was looking at. I wonder if he is an antique dealer or sells at the flea. Could be I suppose. I wonder if I go tomorrow if I will run into him again. When I got home yesterday I got a flyer in the mail anouncing the grand opening of a Good Will in Carol Stream. Have to google that to see if it's close by. I don't worry to much about the drive because I will drive anywhere. Okay ya'll it was nice visiting for a few minutes. My day is never done. I have tons of washing to do.

You all take care and I will write more later.

Patti - your box will be on it's way. It's ready to be mailed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank you PATTI

my friend Patti sent me this box full of goodies. Thank you so much Patti. I truly appreciate your kindness. She also sent me some dragonfly earings (not pictured) that I have been wearing everyday this week.

Patti thanks again.... Patti I don't know if you know this, but that cute little girl rubber stamp you sent me down below in the picture (from the store RED LEAD) I used to teach at that store back in St. Louis. I loved that store. A lot of eye candy. I thought I would take a picture of something I made long ago. I was really into creating stuff in shadow boxes at the time.
Well, I will try to post more, but I am really having trouble with our computer... Hopefully we did not get another virus.
peace to you and see you this weekend.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

hi! I did get a chance to go to the antique mall today. some stuff was great and some stuff was okay. I found this wonderful old mirror that you will love when you see it, but for now it had to stay behind. Don't want to shock the husband. No it was not that much, but I put it on layaway and will take it out in two weeks. If I would have brought it home today my hubby would of disowned me since he keeps telling me that we have to much stuff and I need to keep reminding him that our house was bigger in MO and this house is much smaller. So I will shock him in two weeks.
I did find this wonderful slip (not sure if that is what it's called) but it matches perfectly with the millinery flower she is wearing up above. I was so happy to find it and it was only $12.00. She was needing something so I believe I found it. I also love going to antique malls because I found, my favorite, a really nice 1920s pic and old mary engelbreit mags and old country living mags that I did not have.
Okay ya'll it's almost bed time and I promised my little one that I would go read him a book so I hope you all have a wonderful week and you will probably not see me until next weekend. I am dedicating my week evenings to work, studying, and getting the boys ready for school so I will see you all next weekend.
Peace to you................