Thursday, February 19, 2009

this is for you PATTI

my friend Patti from Creative Cottage Dreamer asked me recently how do I find out about all these flea markets in the area.
There are a couple of ways that I have found them:
by googling, word of mouth and also when I do visit these fleas or antique malls I always grab the free flyers they have laying around usually at the entrance.
When I met Joan this past weekend. She mentioned the Grayslake flea which I had read about (on a flyer). She was nice enough to let me know that it is a great flea to visit. So YES in March I am planning on checking that one out. There is always the one on Roosevelt which is in downtown Chicago and that starts soon - I believe in May.
For you that live in the area don't forget about the Kane County flea and also the Sandwich, IL flea. All of these fleas can be googled. Some of their websites even have where you can leave your info and they will send you stuff through the mail.
I hope this helps all that might be wondering how they can find out where their local flea is.
Here is a link to the Kane County market : or you can try googling ZURKO PROMOTIONS and that should bring up the info for the flea in Wheaton.
Have fun and leave some stuff for me.......


Patti said...

Angie!!! Thanks so much for the info! I really appreciate it! I will HAVE to check these things ou. You are living in a great area pretty close to lots of different places- south side- we are not as lucky- but I sure don't mind driving anywhere! Again thanks!!!
Have a great day and get ready for lots more snow! Aren't you glad you moved back up here?


Anita said...

I found your blog through rhubarb-reign- thanks for the great pictures! We are dealers from Iowa who come to Kane each month- we are inside the same building as rhubard reign in the winter and outside by the West Gate in the summer. Hope you can stop by. and give us your opinion on expanding- if we had to pick between Greyslake and Wheaton- which one to sell at?

Anita & Judy