Friday, June 11, 2010

so on my way home from the zoo today guess where I ended up at? Yes, the cemetery. If I remember correctly this is the same cemetery where they robbed me almost two years ago when I had just moved here from MO. This time I was extra careful, locked my purse in the trunk and drove my car close to where the angels were that I wanted to photograph. Here are three of the best pictures that I took. There are others but I will save those to post later. I totally worn out. Up since 6:30 this morning. Feed the boys and off we went to the zoo. I will post zoo pics later I just wanted to post these first as I had been wanting to take more pics of these wonderful statues.

Tomorrow I am off to spend all day with my best friend JLO and then to downtown Chicago to help a co-worker celebrate his b-day. Honestly, I hate dressing up but I guess I have to so hopefully she will be my fashion guru as I am happy just wearing jeans and a black shirt.

Peace to you.....

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