Tuesday, June 1, 2010

okay so this pic has nothing to do with this post or maybe it does.... maybe not the whole pic, but just the vintage pics that are photographed.

REINCARNATION is the word of the day in my life. That will be today's post topic. I am Catholic and let's be honest I AM NOT a practicing Catholic individual - BUT I do believe and have a strong Faith in GOD....

Reincarnation is also something I believe in. Is it possible to believe in GOD, but also believe in so many other things that as a religious person you shouldn't believe in? I guess that is what makes us all unique. Believe me this might not make sense to you, but to me it does.

I love the 20s was I reincarnated from that era?
I love the Elizabethan times was I reincarnated from that time?
I love to dance was I a dancer in a previous life?
I guess I am on the artistic side, was I even able to draw a stick person before this lifetime....??????

What makes us who we really are? Why do we like the things we do? Are we just bits and pieces of previous lives or are we who we are because of our life circumstances and our beliefs?

My mind is always swirling with thoughts - since you don't know me really well if I told you what I think about sometimes you might think that I was A BIT ON THE crazy SIDE.

The other day as I was driving I was thinking about dying, once I am gone is that it... the end of the person that I am.... or will I be reincarnated again and possibly some of who I am today will be given to the next person that I will become. I know a bit morbid, but don't tell me that you haven't thought about it at least a couple of times. I would like to believe that once I am gone I will be in the happiest place ever no more pain, no sorrow - just PEACE.... doesn't the word PEACE just sound so relaxing..... BUT if I also believe in reincarnation a little bit of me will live on right?

I can keep going and going but don't want the people that read this to FREAK OUT! Pls don't freak out... this is how my mind works.... I am always in deep thought never is my mind at ease not even when I sleep....

I know you won't understand me completely.... just know that I get who I am, I get how my mind works. I might not love myself completely all the time, but I like what I believe in - be it reincarnation or in my belief that I don't have to go to church to LOVE GOD completely - CHURCH is just a building.... GOD is everywhere with me at all times RIGHT? He's in the trees, in the beautiful blue sky, in the soaring birds, in the face of a new born...... He knows my heart.

See my thoughts are just very complicated...... just thought I would share some of my thoughts that I had today....

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