Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brookfield Zoo

where do you take two restless boys already bored and they are only out of school I would say for a week.

Yes, the zoo.

We were there yesterday almost all day.

I got them tired, so tired that when we got to Panera they were eating quietly.

Stingray bay was the best, I swear we were there for almost an hour and the boys still did not want to leave.... you get to pet and feed the non poisonous baby stingrays and they loved that.
Let me tell ya they are very slimy....

At the end they wanted to do a little zoo shop shopping... my boys love stuffed animals especially from the zoo. They ended up leaving with two stuffed otters which by now I am sure who knows where they are.

I have to admit though that all the way at the bottom the cute pink hanging monkey did catch my eye.

Maybe next time.

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Patti said...

Love love the Zoo! The gorillas are always a good time. You got some great pics too! Thanks for always checking up on me...I am having a really rough time with something and that always helps...Hope all is well with you!