Tuesday, June 8, 2010

nothing to say today honestly it's been a very dreary day and you all know how I sometimes can't handle cloudy days.

no I am not in my usual mood, I guess in a way I am looking forward to being off this Friday. I believe sun tomorrow thank GOD.

I have been thinking what I will be doing with my boys when I am off. Maybe some fishing.... I think that would be fun and if the weather permits the zoo....
My mom will be with me to keep me some company which will be nice. She is always so helpful and cooks me up a great meal. Gracias mami... okay just thought I would check in... not sure why, but since I had not posted thought I would.

When I have time I will post some of my flea market findings that I got at Kane.

Also a trip to Bloomington, IL for their flea market is in the works on June 20th. The boys will be with their father that day.... I can still make it back in time to spend time with my father for fathers day.

oh and yes if you listen to the first song it's none other then SINEAD O'Connor loved her music especially the song I posted.

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