Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jessica Florer - ARTIST

so I got my butt up early this morning after staying up till almost 2:00 and off we were (my son and I) to the Kane County flea.

Camera in hand took a few pics, not as many as I would have liked as there was so much great stuff to see.

I did though meet this awesome artiste -


Jessica Florer.

She was nice enough to draw a portrait of my son... which by the way came out awesome.

She had a bit of a crowd behind her which I think she did not see - standing all around admiring her work.

A TRUE GIFT of drawing....

look at the wonderful picture she drew of a dog down below....

so I told her I would gladly blog about her as honestly she is amazing....

if you are interested here is her e-mail:


Thanks Jessica I love the portrait of my son.... truly I do and I am going to send you more business I promise.

Peace to ya...


Michel said...

She is very good and what a handsome distinguished profile your son has!

Richard Joslin said...

She is as kind and intelligent as she is talented.