Friday, June 18, 2010

I survived another day of work....

It's Friday..... a strong storm passed by our way but I made it to my pad and my mom was so nice to have food ready for me when I got home. My dad came to pick her up so now I am alone again. Even though I live here now and have her so close by I still feel sadness when she leaves.

When I lived in MO and I hate to think about this, but when my family came to visit and then they would leave I would cry for hours because I always felt so alone.
I loved when people came to visit, but it was better if they didn't because my heart would break when they left.

Thank GOD that I don't have to deal with that anymore.

I will see her again on Sunday as I will visit my dad for father's day. Tomorrow not sure what is going on hope it's a sunny day.

Another day off on Monday hopefully I will be able to go to the zoo again with the boys or maybe Navy Pier.... I have not been there in a while. Another place that brings back memories. Whatever I end up doing I will definitely bring my camera along.

Patti, these angel pics are taken at a cemetery going towards downtown Chicago right before you get to Oak Park. There is another cemetery that I am dying to go to that is right before the Harlem exit... I see a lot of angels when I pass by it. Not sure what I will do tomorrow maybe if it's nice I might end up there.

Peace to you.

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Patti said...

Hi! Wasn't that storm weird? Thank goodness it's sunny today in the aftermath. We're heading to Michigan for a quick overnite today and come back tomorrow. Thanks for the cemetery info---which road are you referring to that they are off of? Hope your weekend goes well!!! Hugs!