Saturday, February 4, 2012

Restoration Hardware Oak Brook Mall

ok so the other day, more like this past Tuesday, I took some personal time from work because the weather was supposed to be sunny and around the 40s. I had planned to go to the arboretum and take a few pics. As soon as I walked out of that building, I call my second home, I swear the sun said see ya and I never saw it again that day.
well I thought either I stay at work or I go somewhere else.
I decided to take a drive to oak brook mall. I had a few hours to kill so I decided to kill them at the mall. I ran into RESTORATION HARDWARE love that store. So I took out my handy dandy point and shoot and here are a few pics I took. I love the style of the furniture the colors are all very calming. love love love it.
I did get a good deal on a fossil wallet at Macy's. 40% off on a fossil wallet that I tell ya is a good deal. Well my time was up, headed home to feed my boys and get their early enough to have dinner together.
Oh and by the way, as I was making my way home the sun did peep out a little through some of the darker clouds.... but by that time it was almost 4:30ish and my thoughts were more on my boys then turning around and going to the park. I am sure there will be other sunny days to come.

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Patti said...

Nice! I think I was in that store years ago and I really liked it! You took some great pics- would love to just move in- or at least go for the weekend every now and then... :) Have a good rest of the weekend!