Sunday, February 26, 2012

who do I love the most!

isn't it true that for them you would do absolutely anything..
that is true for me.
my oldest is getting as tall as his father. he has passed me up and I am around 5'5.
my youngest has my father's eyes, but his personality is a splitting image of mine. My cousin told me yesterday that he totally loves me immensly. she said that sometimes when she is around and makes fun of me he will give her the "eye". FUNNY.
My oldest is serious as can be and is way closer to his I-pod then me... he's a teenager now and when I was his age all I wanted to do was listen to music, but back then we had the boom box...
THEY are the loves of my life..... always wanted children and I am honored to be their mother.

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Michel Murphy said...

I am trying to picture your oldest getting that tall (!) You three have go a great thing going on. They are so photogenic.