Tuesday, February 7, 2012

okay so I am going to be kind of deep right now.
Have you ever noticed how life sometimes helps you in some cases/situations. What I am trying to say is for example, if I would of not stopped at the ladies room right after lunch I would of run into that person. Here is another example, today I decided not stay in for lunch. lately I have been staying in for lunch sitting at my desk, eating and browsing on the Internet during my 1 hour break. Today as soon as I got to work a co-worker friend asked me to lunch. She went at 11:30 today, mind you my lunch is usually after 12:00. I asked to go at 11:30 today and it was okayed. Well, if I would of just kept to my usual lunch routine, I would of run into that situation that I have been avoiding.
Not sure if I can explain what I am truly trying to say. I guess what I mean is life or fate was helping me out so that I would not run into someone that was visiting today at our office that used to work there before. The situation was kind of complicated and I guess it was best for both that we did not run into each other.
I guess in my mind something out there was looking out for me. Not sure if it was GOD or life itself. I guess what happened today just makes me realize that there is something else out there. I tend to believe that it was GOD looking out for me, but I also believe that sometimes stuff happens because it's meant to be or not meant to be. Sometimes stuff happens that we don't understand and we will understand later. I do believe though that TODAY everything that is a usual routine for me daily was all moved around so the paths of two people would not meet again at this time. Sorry if this post might be a bit to confusing or deep - like my cousin always tells me - ANGIE u r to deep... I think that scares her cause she doesn't truly understand me. Love you cousin if you are reading.... that's it for now.

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Michel said...

Those moments make me think about fate and signs from above, too. It does seem as though you were meant to not met again--yet.