Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In loving memory 1923 to 2012 JESUS TORREZ

for the last two days this is where I have been. Honoring this person that so many people loved. I never really knew him, actually it was my loss because from what I understand him and his wife, that has already passed away, were the most nicest couple that you would of loved to have met.

He died suddenly and from what I understand without pain.

The saddest saddest part of this whole tragedy was the wailing and cries of the people that loved him. Not just the women were crying, but grown men as well. I cried for their loss as it was very evident when you looked at their faces how great their pain was.

I know he is now happy and in peace at the side of his wife and I wondered how many times during these last two days they were both by our sides and we were just not able to to see them. It puts life in prospective doesn't it. I know it does for me as I have had many difficult situations that I have been dealing with lately.

I saw people hug each other and cry together and all the problems people have I am sure are forgotten at least for that moment.

So I just wanted to say JESUS TORREZ you will always be remembered by your loved ones.
May you now be in heaven with our LORD JESUS CHRIST and pray for us that you have left behind. I am sure all your family will greatly miss you.

QUE DIOS TENGA PIEDED DE TODOS NOSOTROS - may you rest in peace by the side of your loving wife .

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