Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hausermann Orchids 50th year Anniversary

okay even though I am sick as a DOG yes again, I was NOT going to miss this wonderful 50th Anniversary in Villa Park.
Hausermann did not disappoint. It was wonderful. I think I was there for 2 hours.
You should see the orchids I came home with. No I think I have lets see around 20 orchid plants. That is it for me. One whole side of my Angie room is dedicated to just these plants. My mother and father had a wonderful time to0 as they are big time plant lovers and I think I have converted them to orchid lovers as well.
By the looks of the parking lot there were people from Indiana, Michigan and tons from IL. This weekend contines as they are celebrating next weekend as well. I will be there Sat. as I am taking my nice neighbor Mirium. She already has me on her calendar she said. I did not want to take her this weekend as she is elderly and I really did not want to get her sick.
So I hope u enjoy the pictures I took. It's a wonderful place to visit. Don't forget their doing it again next weekend. I swear u won't know which plant to take home as they are all unique and beautiful.

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Relyn said...

All those gorgeous orchids.