Sunday, January 29, 2012

So as I was watering my orchid plants last weekend when I noted that the Phalenopsis (in the green pot) is going to be giving me flowers soon. The flowers will be white. I believe my mom gave me that plant last year in April for my b-day.

Every time I see my plants thrive it makes me happy as I know I am doing something right. I recently changed it to a bigger pot and it loved that.

so here are a few more pics taken yesterday when the sun was out. I woke up this morning to a few snow flurries, a bad headache, my crazy chronic neck pain, a virus that has not gone away this will be my 4th week of being sick and a dog wanting me to get up before 7.... Tobie seriously it's Sunday honey .... I think my dog Tobie thinks it's Monday and treat time (I think he's loosing it - don't tell him)

Have to count my blessings though..... have a peaceful week.

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