Sunday, May 10, 2009

my garden

hope you are having a wonderful mother's day. I did end up going to my mother in laws and had a nice authentic MEXICAN meal with all the fixins and some really good hot sausages from Texas.... okay ya'll in TEXAS you need to sell them hear because if you did you would be rich. I am not a sausage person, but these were really good.

I took these pictures to share with you what I have been doing in my garden. This was way early this morning. It was so sunny and the birds were singing. Truly a beautiful morning and then some clouds came and kept passing through the rest of the day. I heard it is going to get chilly tonight so I hope my plants don't freeze.

One of my favorite plants is the bleeding heart. I had never seen white until this past month in MO so when I went to a plant sale at the Arboretum (spelled wrong) guess what they had.... yes white bleeding hearts. Hopefully by next year they will be a bit more lush.

The cute house I purchased from a gentlemen I saw at the Country Living show a couple of years back in Chicago. I did not buy one at the time, but I still remembered him and ordered it a year later. Oh by the way did you see your latest issue of Country Living, they are having their fair again in OHIO.... Why not CHICAGO??? And last but not least see the beautiful white flowers down below. I bought them at the farmers market this weekend and guess what before I could plant them in my seciton of the garden the hubby took them and planted them in his section. I guess he must have really loved them because there they are planted in the front of the house where he is redoing all the landscaping.

I still have more pics to show you so hopefully this week if I am not so brain tired from work I will post more.

You take care now ya hear!


The Green Pea said...

Very pretty garden, I like the doll house in the garden. Great idea! Sandi

Patti said...

Oh so pretty Angie! I love the little house~ a fairy house perhaps? Can you come and work/design our yard? It needs such help!!!