Monday, April 4, 2011

so vacation is over and I am off to work today in about 1/2 an hour... really would like to crawl back into bed and sleep in a bit longer.

here are my two boys in front of Lake Geneva. We didn't stay there we just walked around a bit and took a few pics. it's a beautiful little town and the main street area is filled with pretty little stores... the only store we went to was to the candy store on one of the corners there in their little downtown.

okay see ya soon gotta run... wish me luck today... I feel like I have been away from work longer then just a week, feels more like a month.

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Michel said...

Those boys of yours are looking so grown up! Had a nice dream that you and I ran into each other and had a nice time catching up. Guess it's cause I was at a garage sale with a friend was telling her what fun you and I used to have at our flea markets. Hope your feeling peaceful.