Friday, April 15, 2011


so yes even on my days off I am up early getting the boys ready for school. The only thing I do for the oldest is make his lunch and sometimes make him toast with jelly and his favorite milk.... that's easy hugh.. and actually the youngest is also very self sufficient as well...

well I am off to the antique show today been checking the weather and it looks like it might be cold but that is okay because I am excited to get there this morning.

so here are a few random pics I took of my birthday meal with my date.... he had the Salmon and I had the Tilapia and we both had a nice somewhat healthy dinner except for maybe the soup.... now don't get toooo hungry.

Cameras are ready.... drop off the kiddies and off to the show.... stay tuned.

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Relyn said...

The light in that first image is just incredible! WOW!