Friday, April 29, 2011

I have to tell you and I believe I have that I love anything to do with nature.... well maybe not the crazy little bugs out there, but flowers are so beautiful to me.

Here are two random pics I took.

I have a few peony plants coming up in my yard. One of my favorite plants and also a bleeding heart that has started to give me pretty little broken heart flowers.

If its sunny tomorrow morning I will take a few pics. So off to the doctor early tomorrow morning and then I might just go to the Kane County Flea... have not been there since last year and I am having the itch.

well hope you all have a restful weekend.... enjoy!

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Michel said...

I have the same thoughts that you do. We are hard on ourselves, often much harder than we are on others. It can be difficult to give yourself a break. Sigh...
I read recently that the best revenge for betrayal is to live a good life. The betrayers will get their punishment at some point.
Take care.