Monday, July 12, 2010

so I told you that my hair was really long and a bit on the wild side, carefree.

This is honestly how I like wearing my hair, but I finally chopped it off at my father's request. A bit to long and unruly just like I like to be. So I cut it off just to be on the RIGHT side I guess. (I believe the rebellious side of me is not something my parents accept)

Honestly, I loved my long locks because I use it as my protection - to hide my face so that the vulnerable side doesn't show.

so now as you can see my hair is pretty much tamed. MY mom is a wonderful hairdresser and the only person I trust with my hair. She did a fantastic job.

if they only knew that my hair grows like a weed and in no time it will be back to it's unruly self just like me.

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