Sunday, July 18, 2010

fun stuff from the THRIFT and other stuff

so I really wanted to go to the Bloomington Flea Market today, but I chickened out since I really did not have anyone to go with me.
(i shoulda gone, I shoulda gone, I shoulda gone) maybe next month.

so I decided to stay close to home and just wash and relax and take a few pics of some of my favorite recent finds. I got these bangles at the mall last week. I am not really a mall person but since I was so close I decided to take a quick walk and found these wonderful flowered bangles. I have been on a flower kick lately.

A week and a 1/2 ago when I went to visit my mother we decided to run to her local thrift store on 60 something and Kedzie... I LOVE THAT PLACE. I have been going there since I discovered it oh many years ago. Always find the best stuff there. I found this wonderful white plate with gold rim shown here. I will use it to hold my favorite jewelery pieces.

I also found some wonderful kitchen towels and two beautiful new pillow cases by Laura Ashley. I think I pd around 80 cents for the plate, and barely nothing for the kitchen towels and pillow cases. I also found a Laura Ashely quilted flowerly tote bag, actually I found two and my mom was so funny - one for you and one for me..... of course I had to give her one of them at $1.80 they were a steal.... brought everything home and washed everybit of it and it all looked just like new. I love that store and maybe on Tuesday since I am off I will try to go visit.
Hopefully I will have good luck there again this week.


Michel said...

I'd love to have gone with you. That gold rimmed "jewelry holder" is something I'd have bought.
By the way, love the haircut-you're beautiful!

Patti said...

Cool stuff Angie!! You always find the best things- really! And I agree- love the hair! So cute!