Saturday, July 31, 2010

she gets me!

she gets me and always has... I had a wonderful visit from a wonderful lady named CINDY.

A good friend I made in MO. She e-mailed me during the week to let me know that she was coming down to see me. I had been on her mind a lot lately and wanted to visit.

I swear she gets me. My craziness, my life. I don't know how to explain it but there has always been a very strong connection. The bond has always been there even if we live miles away from each other or don't talk for months we always pick up right where we left off. No uncomfortable silences between us.

She told me that I taught her how to bring down the walls and she has learned how to trust people again. WOW what a statement. How did I teach her that when lately I have been wanting to withdraw myself slowly from the outside world.

She stated that she can sense that many changes have taken place... not sure if I changed for the good or bad, not sure if she sensed that my anxiety has gotten stronger or that my health issues are getting worse since she last saw me two years ago. She didn't say, but maybe it was better that she didn't. I told her not to worry. I could sense that she will.

I think we are kindred spirits... No I didn't tell her that.... I should have... she knows I love her and we will always be great friends. A bond that can't be broken.

Our visit just came to an end, I walked her and her husband to their car. She ran again to give me a hug, I told her not to as I am not good with good byes. As she left waving and blowing kisses, I was happy and I know that she is one of the few that really get me... and for that I am blessed.

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Patti said...

This post seriously made me teary eyed. It is rare that one finds kindred spirits and when you do- it is hard to say good-bye. I have had to do that to one in my life- one who totally got me- and can no longer be a part of my life- and it is hard- especially because you just know that they are a special person in your life and people like that just don't come along too often. So yup- I get what you are feeling...