Sunday, January 22, 2012

RANDOM - this weekend

so this weekend went fast. went to the show to watch the Underworld awakening vampiers and lycans my kind of movie. then we went to try a new mexican dive in Melrose Park which was I swear packed packed packed. I had this delicious lengua torta and of course some grilled onions with lime and salt. I have not had a torta in years as I try to really watch my bread intake especially if it's white bread. It was very delish though.

Here is my son photographed with one of the chipmunks and look at his face he was not happy taking this pic. I guess at 10 he thinks he is toooo old.

Two of my orchid plants have bloomed and still have tons of buds waiting to have more flowers.

The rest of my weekend was boring just spent most of my time washing clothes.. fun hugh? I guess someone has to do it right. Maybe next week I will be able to go see my new nephew. I have had a bad head cold for the last week that I was not able to go see him this weekend like I had liked to.... oh well, maybe next Sat or Sun.

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Patti said...

Ho Angie- I am trying to re-enter the Blogging world again. I have missed you- glad you are still here. How about this weather...ugh! Yur weekend actually sounded fun- and your flashback on 2011 pics are great- can't believe how big your boys are getting! Take care!