Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love sushi....

okay so who would of thought that I would love to eat sushi... don't get me wrong I am not someone that is shy to try any kind of food. I will at least try it once.

So recently I was invited out to eat to try something different - SUSHI.

Now I love thai food and who can say NO to shrimp fried rice, egg drop soup and sweet and sour chicken, but Sushi the real stuff.

When I say real stuff I mean made in a restaurant not bought at Target or Walmart already prepackaged.

I did not know what to pick so we picked a few different rolls. Some of it had avacado in it and how could I not try that. The atmosphere of the restaurant is so relaxing with dim lights and colorful wall art that changes color. pretty awesome place. so I am sharing some pics that I took with my new little Canon camera I got on black Friday. Not sure if I am digging the camera yet but it did take great pics without the flash. So here are a few pics from this past Sunday.. Enjoy.

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Michel said...

Looks like a gorgeous place. I love sushi too.
I'm looking at a Canon. My sister has this particular model and has taken some stunning shots.