Thursday, December 15, 2011

can u believe that Christmas is just around the corner. where did the time go. thank God that this year I was able to send out my cards and I did not procrastinate doing that. some people already received theirs and I still have more to mail out - hopefully this weekend.

tomorrow is my jobs happy hour in Downers Grove looking forward to that since I really do not go out that often to mingle with people. hopefully it will be fun.

so don't forget get crack a lakin on that shopping if you haven't started. I have two more gifts to pick up and I am done. A few more packages to wrap and I will be done with that as well. The only thing that I need to finish up doing is making my chocolate covered pretzels... those will be handed out at work.

okay well I will leave you all alone with all this holiday talk.... I will post some more pics of my cards soon.


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