Sunday, December 11, 2011


so I decided to get back into creating.

even though I did buy some really cute Christmas cards the other day. I have been on a roll creating one of a kind cards for some of my closest friends.

You should see the mess I have on the dinner table. Every night I clean it up but when I bring all my stuff out it's all over the place.

I recently entered a card contest at Paper Source wish me luck. It's really funkier then anything here I posted. I will show you soon. I will post it after the 19th when the contest closes. so I hope you enjoy some of these pics. I had so much fun making these yesterday I created for about 5 hours and that is why today I am paying with all this neck pain that I have. It's worth it though. Some of these have gone out in the mail while others will be dropped off tomorrow.

I did create others that are still not pictured. Maybe this will become one of my most favorite traditions.

Off to work tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful week whoever you are, wherever you are.


jlo said...

Love the cards. Hope your neck pain goes away. Have a great week.

michel said...

I'm sorry this leaves you in pain because you are too talented. Great to see that you are creating though--adorablea cards.

Love, Michel

michel said...

Uh, you know I meant adorable, right?