Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carnavale - Cousin Adrian turns 40

had a great time last night celebrating my cousin's 40th
b-day. I grew up with him and consider him my favorite boy cousin.
so my cousin Yoli made the plans and we all showed up.
fun was had by all especially myself with that mint coconut mojito that I had... by the way I am not a big drinker so before the food came I was feeling very good and had a few laughs sitting next to Gary... sorry Gary did not get your pic.
so Cousin Adrian even though the years have passed and our lives have taken different directions you still are close to my heart and I was glad that I made it to your 40th b-day dinner. (sorry for my perv jokes)

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michel said...

happy birthday to your cousin. Such a pretty colorful place to celebrate.