Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boys and their TOYS

so yesterday by a GOOD mistake we passed by downtown Lombard and they were having a vintage car show...
since I grew up with all boys and a dad that had new used cars about every other month just because I have always have had a soft spot for these beauties.
so I called my brother told him to come on by and we took the boys to enjoy a night out checking these babies out...
of course our boys only wanted to mess around instead of enjoying and admiring the cars... all my brother kept saying there is not one car that was a monte carlo as he has an old 1977 monte carlo that he had worked on and still has it in storage.... I am not sure if they have this every weekend but if you love cars maybe you should check it out.
p.s. my favorite of all time - MUSTANGS as my favorite uncle always had mustangs when I was younger

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