Saturday, March 19, 2011


so spring is one day away and my orchids are ready to give me new blooms.
as you can see here in these pics they are doing so well. who would of thought that I would be a pro at growing these lovelies.
I found out from a co-worker that there is a orchid nursery called Hauserman off of Addison close to Elmhurst around 10 minutes from where I work that grow orchids and it's open to the public. what? all this time I drive through that area and no one had told me that...
honestly I don't have room for another plant as of now I have 7 plants in front of my window but somehow if I find the perfect one today I will make it work.
so happy spring to you.... and the little wooden guy I found them at an antique store a few months ago they are small wooden little guys that were at the tip of a toothpick and I instered them into the dirt of my orchids just for fun.
peace out!

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Shaile's Edible Art said...

Are these the only orchids that bloom in spring? I want to make some that are spring orchids and don't know which ones are..