Tuesday, March 22, 2011

so check out this orchid, yes very eccentric I know.
my father picked this one for me. I love my father to death. recently we had a misunderstanding where I took something he said wrong. I got very upset. He actually ended up getting sick from this incident that he even had to go to the doctor. I fretted for a week knowing I had to call him and make things right. I even dreamt of him one night.
we have always been very close... we are so much alike in many ways free spirited people.
I am so happy that we put the issue behind us. I know he bought me this plant I guess in a way to say he was sorry.


Patti said...

Hi! Are you JUST loving our Spring?? 60's on Sat and snow today- what a riot! WHERE is the orchid place you went to? Those look amazing- way too intense for my ability to grow things but oh so pretty! Sounds like you have a wonderful week coming up- ENJOY!!! Any special plans? Take care and hope all is well!!!

Shaile's Edible Art said...

This is an amazing orchids. I made one in gumaste similar called purple rain. might not be the technical name but looks similar..