Friday, March 11, 2011

so here is one of my beautiful orchid flowers from a plant I got a year ago.....

lovely I tell ya.

so where have I been? well lost of course.

no actually just learning something new at work that has fried my brains and has kept me not wanting to be on a computer when I get home.

thank the LORD that I have two days off to recoup from all the new info that I learned this week.

hopefully the weather will be nice, I would like to go to a few different places this weekend, I am craving a run to the antique mall on LaGrange.

I am looking for a piece of art for one of my walls. Not sure if I should get something from the store or wait till the art fairs start up again. I believe there is a garden antique fair coming in April around the weekend of the 15th.

I am totally ready for the weather to start changing. I am dreaming of SPRING. I am sure we all are.

okay the couch is calling my name and my nice warm blanket is waiting for me, see ya soon.

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