Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break - mini vacation

it all started off with a good healthy meal and yes some ice cold tea.... off we went to Northbrook where we stayed so I could attend the Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanical Gardens and the boys could swim at the hotel's pool before we were off to

Wisconsin Dells.

The Orchid show was amazingly beautiful... no I did not buy anymore plants, well actually the one I did want this lady ended up buying first before I could get my hands on it... oh well... I did learn that there are 50 types of orchid species out there and they grow all over the place even in forest preserves..... yes she gave me an idea maybe I should start going to forest preserves and start looking for these plants....

some of these flowers were so eccentric, the colors.. some orchids actually smell sweet.... as you can see by the pics some of them won prize ribbons.

also pictured is my youngest having fun at the hotel's pool before our trip the next day to the Chula Vista resort..... okay more pics to come so stay tuned.... oh heck yes I am tired and glad to be back at home... I will post more soon....

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Patti said...

What wonderful flowery goodness as we celebrate Winter Part 2. Love Wisconsin Dells- how fun! Hope you enjoyed your week!!!