Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy SPRING yall

so to celebrate the beginning of SPRING, I wanted to share the new additions to my orchid family.

the red orchid is so small, the flowers are probably as small as a dime and the yellow orchid flowers are probably as big as a quarter.

my mother & father came to visit me today and yes I dragged them to the nursery again. they surprised me by giving me four orchid plants for my soon to be birthday in April. my mother stated she would rather give me plants since I am so in love with them and they picked out four for me. I did not want to accept them but they insisted.

I am so happy I swear I keep drooling when I walk by my window and see all the beautys displayed.

thank you mommie y papi, que dios los guarde y les de mas.....

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Shaile's Edible Art said...

These are beautiful orchids.. I am a sugar artist and I make gumpaste flowers. Orchids are my favorites to make. I am learning a little about them as well.