Saturday, January 1, 2011

sooooo here we are a new year 2011.... who knew that we would make it through to see another year...

I am grateful, but I am also glad 2010 is now behind us.

so what did you do last night at the strike of 12?

I was invited to my good friend Luci's house to have a nice dinner of ARROZ con GANDULES (my fav) and to some wonderful chicken and rib tips from a place on 47th and Archer called Leon's I believe... wonderful food I tell ya.
I met a few of her family members and they treated me like I was a part of their family. I so appreciate it cause I felt so at home, such comfort. Her husband was cooking, she was prepping all and greeting her guests. I ended up having to leave early as my parents were at my brothers house and they were still waiting for me.

Before I left Luci's house I got to hear a bit of house music as her husband I believe used to be a dj..... If I would of stayed I would of been hitting the dance floor with some of my old house music dance steps... do you remember JACK BEFORE I SCREAM? or JACK THE HOUSE? Funny at least to me it. Her husband used to be a good friend of Bad Boy Bills for all you Chicago House Music fans.

Off I went to be with my parents and brothers right before the clock struck 12... we all clapped and hugged and wished each other a better year and actually my mother told me she loved me... Something you do not hear often as she is from the old traditional era where they care about you but they never really tell you.... weird hugh??? I only stayed for at least 40 minutes after that and I really wanted to head home.

My neck issues have been getting worse.... I am in constant chronic pain and yesterday was not a good day... they put me on some new meds and I really don't think they are working... sucks big time I tell they want to send me to more physical therapy and then hopefully after four more weeks of therapy steroid epidural shots right into my neck.... nice hugh? I am so getting tired of the pain, it's been more then 5 years of this and it's just getting worse... so in a way I wish 2011 will be pain free for me but I guess I will deal with this for a long time unless a miracle happens.... that's life I guess, we all have different things in our lives we have do deal with
mine is my degenerative neck issues..

I sometimes wonder if down the line I will end up in a wheel chair - no I don't mean to be morbid but I am realistic. I dont know if I can live with this pain for the rest of my life but somehow everyday I get up and do what I have to do and sometimes the medicine works better and on those days I am as normal as I can be or at least that is what others see.

so to start the new year I cleaned out a closet, will be making a stop to the thrift store soon to donate a few things and my cousin has invited me to her house in Oak Park for some Enchiladas verdes.... yummy.... I hope she has some coronas handy.... I can go for a nice cold beer...

peace to you and yours and may 2011 be all that you want it to be...


lindaharre said...

The same to you Angie girl:D May your light shine bright in 2011!!!!

Callie Magee Antiques said...

Happy New Year.
have you tried massage therapy for your neck problems? I went though all the physical therapy they had and it did nothing but my husband gave me a gift certificate for massage and after a few visits I could definitely see improvement.
I go once a week now to keep it up.
Try it and I hope it relieves your pains. It helped me.
Best of wishes,

Patti said...

Hi Angie- It makes me sad to hear of your chronic pain. I wish you could find something that works. I feel the same way about my knee and foot issues, but like you said- every day you get up and do what you need to do. Some days are better than others but I try so hard not to let it get in my way.
New Year's Eve was fun- spent at a friend's house with a gajillion people and kids but we all had a great time.
Hope you have a wonderful first week of 2011!!!

Michel said...

I hope 2011 is better too. I didn't know you were in such pain. Try to stay positive and keep looking for something that works.