Sunday, January 16, 2011

so wow it's been a long weekend and it's still not over.

one more day off to go and then back to work....

so the other day, Friday to be exact, I went to my local antique store and got some great 1920s pics I will have to share with you soon, but I also bought this cute little dog, no not the one in the green shirt the other cute little doggie. She had tons of them and since I could not find a schnauzer I fell in love with this cute little one.

Now let's talk about my mother's chihuahua named Brutus.... this little dog in his green little shirt has such a personality. I love him to death. I had to trick him to take the pic and he came out so handsome.

My mother tells me of a story that when my grandma was alive, a few years back, they used to move her around in her wheel chair - Brutus used to grab her by her slipper and pull her like if he was also helping the person that was moving her around. He was always by her side while she was sick.

I put this little shirt on him I believe during Christmas and my mother said that he has not wanted to take it off since then. He growls at them when they try. I had to give him a rest from that shirt so I took it off today. Poor thing wearing this shirt since Christmas.... funny though..

it's late and my neck is not doing so well so it's time for meds and night night.

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Patti said...

What a great story- and adorable dog pic! I hope you had a good day off last week- and hope you are feeling better at this point. Stay warm- it's going to get cooooolllddd!