Sunday, January 9, 2011

okay here we go close your eyes, imagine this wonderful lounging chair under a tall beautiful tree with tons of leaves and branches swaying as a nice cool breeze is lingering in the air.

I know, I know peaceful hugh?

I woke up this morning with an itch, an itch for some fun, craving the outdoors and I have started looking into different fairs that will be coming soon to our area...

for one the Botanic Antique Fair I believe sometime in April.... I swear I will not miss that this year. The County Living Fair which I have no idea why it never came back to Illinois, I wish it would I believe for the last few years it's been in Ohio.....

so to finish up my craving list here are a few more things I would like to do one day soon when I am off from work and the weather gets better:

- a flea market run
- possibly a get away to my local antique store (yes to spend some money on stuff I really don't need)
- a long drive to Missouri to visit old St. Charles

okay now that I got this off my chest gotta run to Duncin as my boys are craving this morning Donuts...... peace

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