Friday, September 10, 2010

so early to bed early to rise, is that how it goes.....first pick up my bff friend Jen and then off to pick up my cousin in Oak Park...

After that the wind will take us to Wicker Park for the Craft Renegade fair.... can't wait.

I have to get my outfit ready in a few.

black shirt and jeans of course - why not? a favorite piece of jewelery.
Oh yeah something green, something green hhhmmm... something green.

camera battery is a charging as I am lighting a wonderful candle I got at bath and body called Leaves.... smells wonderful. oh yeah, green sweater and my polka dotted green bag.... ready all checked off...

shoes? something comfortable as I am sure we will be doin a whole lotta walking.... snacks hhhhmmmmm don't have any will need to pick that up tomorrow morning. I could go for some carrot juice with orange just about now.... no cross that out maybe a cold corona light with some lime and salt - don't have any... bummer....

Okay gotta run ........ nighty night

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